Extra Help

helpwildlife.co.uk provides advice on what to do if you find a sick, injured or abandoned wild bird or animal

If you’re looking for advice about whether and how to help possibly sick, injured, or at risk wildlife, we have an extensive library of articles which cover all the most common scenarios.

If you’re sure help is needed and you need to find a wildlife rescue in your area, we have a directory of more than 700 wildlife rescues and independent rehabbers which you can search. Visit our directory, put your location in the box, and click search. There’s also an advice article which provides hints and tips on using the search and contacting rescues.

If you can’t find the help you need using the buttons above, our HelpDesk volunteers can provide bespoke help via email. If the HelpDesk is closed or you prefer to speak to someone by telephone, please use the alternative sources of help below.


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NB: Our HelpDesk is currently closed. For urgent situations, please use the alternative sources of help below.

Alternative Sources of Help

The following organisations offer telephone helplines where you can seek advice about helping wildlife. You can call them regardless of whether they’re local to you and they will give advice and help you to find a rescue.

Please note, we are unable to recommend calling the National RSPCA as their helpline is staffed by contractors working from a script and with minimal knowledge and understanding of wildlife. Calls to their helpline unfortunately often result in incorrect advice.

International Help

If you are outside of the UK, the following sites may be helpful in finding a rescue in other countries