Extra Help

helpwildlife.co.uk provides a directory of around 400 wildlife rescues in the UK who can help with wildlife casualties

If you have found a wild animal that you think may need some help, we have an extensive library of articles which we hope will help you to ascertain whether and how to intervene. You can get step by step advice on what to do at https://helpwildlife.co.uk/advice/wildlife-casualties/practical-advice-for-finders/

or search our advice articles below

If help is needed, you’ll find a directory of over 600 wildlife rescues which you can search by area and species at https://directory.helpwildlife.co.uk/

If you’re struggling to find the information or help you need, you can

Please note, we do not recommend calling the National RSPCA as their helpline is staffed by contractors working from a script and with minimal knowledge and understanding of wildlife. Calls to their helpline unfortunately often result in incorrect advice.

If you are outside of the UK, the following sites may be helpful in finding a rescue in other countries