Feedback provides a directory of around 400 wildlife rescues in the UK who can help with wildlife casualties


IF YOU’VE GOT A WILDLIFE CASUALTY AND YOU CAN’T WORK OUT HOW TO NAVIGATE THIS WEBSITE PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR 1-2-1 SUPPORT FROM ONE OF OUR VOLUNTEERS is a volunteer run website which aims to match wildlife casualty finders with the advice and help they need.

If you have feedback about a particular rescue

If you have feedback about a rescue listed in our directory, please visit their listing page and use the feedback facility provided so your comments are linked to the right rescue.

If you have feedback about

If you made use of the advice or rescue directory on this website, received help through our HelpDesk, or contacted us for help by email, we’d love to hear your feedback on whether and how we helped. If you have any suggestions for improvements, we’d be delighted to hear those too.

Whoever you leave feedback for, please be mindful that it will be a charity, quite likely run by volunteers giving up their time – please be polite. We welcome constructive, considered feedback but may edit or delete comments which are abusive in tone or content.

Please don’t comment asking for help with casualties as we may not see your post in time. If you are in need of advice please submit a request or, for general enquiries, visit our contact page.

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I rescued a small hedgehog from my garden, and took it to someone in Penistone who claims to be involved in Hedgehog rescue. I tried contacting her first thing this morning to arrange taking the poor little creature to her home: I got no reply so rather than keep it in a cardboard box for who knows how long, I drove to Penistone with the Hedgehog and her father took it from me. Later on the lady contacted me complainiing that I had delivered the Hedgehog. There is nowhere else around my area that can accommodate wild creatures, so what… Read more »

T shepherdson

Great helpful informative advice. Thankyou.

David Woosey

Unfortunately, the dove died before I could get it help. Thank you for the contacts. You asked for a photo but it would have been helpful if you had an email address.
In this instance, the dove was probably beyond help but I feel I wasted a lot of time trying to get help and then having to fill in email and personal details before you were able to contact me. A telephone number would have been quicker.
Thank you anyway.
D. Woosey.


Quick response within 20mins about an abandoned blue tit nest. Advised what to do overnight and gave support with rescue contacts. Was nice to have support when all other phone lines of rescues were not answering. Thank you

Olivia Brunning

Very fast reply and excellent advice on what to do about birds in the roof.

John Elson

Thank you Help Wildlife for your very prompt response, advice and support when we found a nesting blackbird with a large tick on its neck. All is well now with the bird actively feeding three chicks. The tick appears to have detached.

Excellent service. Thank you for the advice and support on how to access helpfor an injured animal. The information supplied was accurate and helpful, highly recommended.
Pauline Weston

Thanks for the quick response and advice
you were a great support.


Very quick at responding to emails and offering a list of rescue organisations. Shame none of them came back to me which ruled out capturing the injured blackbird as there was no ongoing route for proper assessment and care available. I appreciate that it was only one common wild bird and these organisations are hard pressed and short of resources.


Thank you, you website and helpful staff and very quick reponse to my email query, pointed me in the right direction in regards to help for an injured wood pigeon I found and Flintshire wildlife and pet rescue took him in. Hopefully he will make it.


Sarah and Beri kept in touch with me to ensure the final outcome of my trapped squirrel problem. The prompt response by email was supportive and helpful especially as this took place on a Saturday night when few organizations might be available. The squirrel lived and was freed. Thank you to the helpwildlife team.

Karen Kristiansen

Response received within 10 minutes. Advice was clear and contacts for local centres to help were provided. Probably not able to save the fox 🦊 sadly, as area is overgrown and the animal is still mobile.

Gillian Weirman

Excellent advice, and was thankful for the homeopathy treatment sent.



Marija Langton

Excellent advise. Not sure what I would have done without their help, the injured dove now in a bird rescue centre.


Having found an injured wood pigeon in my garden I didn’t know what to do. Help Wildlife were just as their name suggests, so helpful. I was given a possible list of Wildlife Centres to contact plus information on what to do in the meantime. It was a Sunday and the only other helpful reponse I got was from Denise at the Old Farm Animal Centre near Chippenham who was happy to take the poor bird. So 5 stars to Help Wildlife and to the Old Farm Animal Centre. Thank-you.

Gwladys Gaye-Williams

Thank you for the advice and help I received after my enquiry. Not only the reply was very quick after I sent my original message, but I felt the issue was taken seriously and people genuinely cared about it. I will not hesitate to use this service again if I encounter any wildlife related situation.


Website Action Required, for Page ,,,this page letter box options too feint cant read, the middle letterbox option, search for:- (optional) search by ,,,is unreadable last word cannot be read, needs software update, can hardly read what we have typed too dim, ,,,,but keep up the good work, RegardsThom.

darren lee jones

I found a injured wood pigeon in my backgarden and I didn’t know what to do and I turned to help wildlife and they help me they was really good and help me straight away thank you for you help

Andrea Dew

It was hard to find a rescue which was open to referrals until I discovered ‘Help Wildlife’. They replied in minutes and I found a rescue straight away. Thank you!


Sarah and Beri were very helpful. I had a saga with a mother mouse and her babies. No clue what to do. They helped and advised and reduced my stress levels greatly. Very happy I got intouch.


Very helpful ,we had to ring a few places and leave message but was promptly contacted and got poorly animal help.

Jacqueline fox

Yes gave correct no and rescue.

steven mattock

I wouldn’t have been able to locate a recue for a poorly hoglet without this facility. Invaluable


I don’t think I use this website for it’s intended purpose, but it’s been an invaluable resourse in a wildlife rehabilitation and rescue unit in my veterinary nursing course, so thank you!
(Plus I know where to come if I was to find injured wildlife as well!)


Excellent service. Emailed on a Sunday afternoon and received response instantly. Staff were knowledgeable and provided practical advice catering for my needs at the time. Helped to give a couple of abandoned squirrels a chance at a life.

Tracy Symons

three days ago we found a soaking wet and injured baby gull who had hurt one of it’s legs, i contacted this awesome charity for help and they tried there hardest, evengiving us feeding advice and keep in contact with us to ask how he was doing. My Mum and me contacted everyone they sent me a list of and even the RSPCA who told us to take him to the vest, no one my house can drive and it wasn’t until my sister became available that we even had anyone to take him which is why i kept trying… Read more »


Received a quick response about a bird that had fallen through my traditional chimney. I continued to receive emails to find out about the birds progress. Thank you so much Beri and Sarah A for your helpful advise & care while he was trapped. The fledging wood pigeon managed to make it out alive and was unhurt. What I also did was contact a chimney sweep company who came out to help on day 2 they were able to put a camera up and break up an old nest which fell through the bottom of my chimney which made the… Read more »

Andy Lloyd

A big HUGE thank you to sarah, thank god for angels like yourself for pointing us in the right direction to help our local foxes, the information was well received. i did contact the RSPCA but they didn,t want to know and couldn’t wait to put the phone down, then we contacted sarah who was quite quick in responding, well done you xx


Awesome charity with a great cause!!! I couldn’t thank Sarah enough for her fast response and helpful advice for the ill gull (my parents found in Bulgaria!). She was kind enough to give us feeding advice and follow back on recovery progress later on. Thank you so much again for your kindness and care Sarah! We need more awesome and good-hearted people like you in the world! Thank you and wish you all the best! :))) x

David Gavin

I first rescued my first hedgehog in 1974 but didn’t really start till about 12 years ago.we have just moved house and are just started putting our rescue on Facebook and applied to go on the register but they seem to have took all my details off and not sure why as we have helped loads of hedgehogs over the years and do get busy.but we will still carry on on the register or not as we get most of our hedgehogs from the local vets in our area


I found a fledgling wood pigeon in my local park this morning. It was being attacked by two crows. I picked it up and took it home. I contacted Help Wildlife who very quickly got back to me with details of local organisations that might be able to help. The pigeon was collected by one of them within a few hours. I’ve been in this situation before (in another country) and having a resource like Help Wildlife is a Godsend. Thank you, well done, and keep up the good work!

Hedgehog Cabin

What an excellent resource you provide, saving the life of thousands of casualties; through your education and advocacy, and by providing a searchable directory. I don’t know how you find the time, but I thank you for it, from the bottom of my heart.
There’s been a massive rise in abusive callers this past year, and it can be so dispiriting. But for every one of those broken misguided people there are thousands who love and support what you do. Pauly x


So, so grateful to Sarah for all she does. Does wonderful work and must help save countless animals from otherwise horrible fates. Amazingly prompt and detailed with replies when you feel totally at sea with what to do. Total lifeline – thank you so much!

Jeanette Dellow

No help at all. The only ‘sanctuary’ in my area has a full answer phone, so I wasn’t even able to leave a message.

Wendy HILL

What an excellent charity their help was really appreciated when I just didn’t know what to do with badly injured nestling bird clinging on to life. Very fast and helpful service thank you.

Michael S

Excellent service when contacted about a Collared Dove with a broken wing. Email response received within minutes giving details of who to contact locally, resulting in Dove being delivered, hopefully for recovery.
Thank you so much.


Thank you so much Sarah for your advice and quick response after I asked for help when my cat caught a young pigeon. A lovely vet called Tess took it in with such care.
I was recommended to get in touch with you by Tiggywinkles in Aylesbury and you were amazing.
Thank you 🙂


I was grateful for the very quick response with clear advice on what to do about a fledgling sparrow who had come into my house at roost-time. It made me feel confident I was doing the right thing.

Anne carr

No help whatsoever ever

Susan Smith

Called about a fledgling , I was very happy that I was answered quickly and the staff were very helpful and concerned….
Thank you very much

Bobbie Broughton

I emailed yesterday after finding a bird that had been injured by a cat. I received a reply pretty quickly with lots of helpful information.

I will send you a donation as a thank you.

Best wishes



Thank you for getting straight back to me with advice about an abandoned baby wood pigeon. ‘Helpwildlife’ seems to be a charity that really cares. Thank you.

Miss jane conquest

Thankyou for getting straight back to me with advice


I just wanted to say a big thank you to your organisation and especially Sarah. Sarah helped me enormously find help for a baby swift, she gave me helpful advice and telephone numbers and followed up by email when she gave me more contact numbers, one of which took in the bird and now hopefully has a good chance of survival.
So thank you on behalf of myself and a happy baby swift!



Dennis Queen

Thank you so much for your advice and repeated support while we found a rescue space for this little magpie through your directory. It has joined two more magpies so it has a flock of its own now.

Philip Green

Amazing service and advice. Responded very quickly and continued to help me well past the assigned time. Put me in contact with local shelter and hopefully Toni will be picked up later today.

Paula Talbot

Great advice from Helpwildlife today. I was able to receive immediate bespoke advice about a baby hedgehog we had found. Within two hours he was safely rescued by a local hedgehog sanctuary, hopefully Ragnar the hedgehog will now survive into adulthood.
Thank you very much, a fantastic service.

Clare Massey

Responded quickly and gave good advice,

Sally Howarth

Thank you Sarah and Beri for your advice on what to do with the injured thrush I found in my garden which had been attacked by a cat. I managed to take it to a wildlife hospital that wasn’t too far from where I live. Thank you for keeping in touch to check how I’d got on with him.