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  1. /Frances McDermott
    Great site, easy to follow links. Have lots of wildlife hereabouts, especially foxes. A recent encounter with a seagull, hit by a car, picked it up no apparent injury, it appeared to have been knocked out, kept it still and warm, took it home and put it into a box, whilst deciding what to do about it, it came round and within minutes flew off. I wonder if it survived.
  2. /Richard Sargent
    The other day I came home from work and found an injured swift quite literally on my doorstep. I put it in a box and trawled the Internet to see if there was anything I could do and stumbled upon this site. I am of the opinion that unless there is untreatable pain there is no definite reason why a creature should be put to sleep. I am going to try to find a rescue centre that will attempt to help the swift. I am quite upset at the thought that it is unlikely it will be able to soar majestically as is its birthright, but am equally distraught at the thought that it will be put to sleep without the attempt to nurse it to health.
    Great site wish I had found it earlier. I has given me the confidence to get on with helping. Some people see this as interfering and nature should be allowed to run it course. Good there people like you out there.
  4. /Linda Kilpatrick
    This is an excellent site, it is the only place that I can find sensible advice on how to cope with an injured wild bird. RSPCA a total waste of time. Thank goodness for people that really care about the animals that are not newsworthy enough for the RSPCA.
  5. /Shelby Wilson
    I work for Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Centre in the West of Scotland, just thought I say what a fabby site this is!. Lots of very sensible advice on a wide range of birds and mammals, well done! keep up the good work!
  6. /Catherine
    Thank you for your clear advice on finding birds. My cats have just brought in their first (dead) bird and when we went to collect it we discovered another slightly injured one on the path. I didn't realise the risk of infection and have placed it in a shoebox for the night to take to a sanctuary tomorrow. Without this site I wouldn't have thought to check what they do with 'vermin' as i think this could be a pigeon/dove chick. The links to local rescue centres are very useful, thanks.
  7. /Jan Forrest
    I called about a hedgehog found in back garden I was given advice on what to do with it and how to help it as it was potentially hyperthermic. I was also able to drop this animal off with a volunteer at a given location within a 25 minute drive from my location. This site is easy to use and the people I dealt with seemed knowledgeable and responsible. I was able to get the hedgehog to help quickly as a result.
  8. /Jan Flavell
    Fantastic service and informative site. Thank you.
  9. /donna Cuthbert
    Hi there, My name is Donna Cuthbert and I am Deputy Manager for the RSPCA Nottingham and Notts Branch. I've just come across your excellent website. Would it be OK to put a link to your site from ours? The website is We no longer house animals on premises but still get thousands of queries a month, a lot regarding wildlife. We always direct people to the nearest wildlife rescue however, your site is a great resource. Please could you let me know if linking would be OK. I'll not be back in the office until Monday. Kind Regards Donna
    • /HelpWildlife
      Hi DonnaMany thanks, I’m glad you found the site useful. Please feel free to link to us, the more we can spread the word about wildlife rescues the better :)
  10. /Claire
    Excellent site - gave me the info I needed to rescue 3 orphaned hedgehgs. Easy to use with all the essential info.
  11. /K STILLER
    Found a Marsh Harrier in my garden looked poorly mostly because it was soaked and it was pouring with rain, it was dragging one wing, took advice from this site and chap coming to collect tomorrow. Lucky bird perched where i could see him in my garden and I only saw him as it started to get dark.
  12. /Jo B
    Fabulous site. We disturbed a hedgehog today whilst mending fencing behind the hedges. Unfortunately our dog took interest before we realised the hedgie was there; she just snuffled at it, but still terrifying for the poor hog! Poor thing stayed curled in a ball for ages; on the very easy to find support details here I found a sanctuary willing to take him in and give him the best chance of surviving. Really impressed with the lady’s knowledge and understanding as well as her quick response. Her information about how to help any other hedgehogs who may view the garden as home was also gratefully received. Great to know there is help and advice so close at hand for helping our wildlife. Thank you all for your work in keeping this site up to date :o)
    • /HelpWildlife
      Thank you for the feedback Jo, really pleased we were able to help :)
  13. /holly redman
    i found this service great because i found a little baby magpie out the back of my house and they came to her in less than an hour which i think is great and me and my brother called the little baby magpie heidi x
  14. /gaz swan
    Thanks for the advice you gave when i rang about the wood pigeon he\she is ok now its been cleaned up ;)
  15. /Diane Weston
    I am very grateful for you coming to my email and giving advice. My pigeon was very badly injured, a ringed pigeon, came down the chimney about eight weeks ago. He has recovered from so many injuries and I feel affection for the creature. I am hoping it will fly when its wing and tail feathers have grown, therefore I want to try and rear it myself. I would be very interested if I could visit one of these aviaries to take advice. I would like to see what else I can do to help him. If my pigeon doesn’t fly I would then be very grateful if one could take him and keep him safe for the rest of his life. At the moment he is not afraid of us, when we open his cage he hops out and walks to his favourite hiding place, when he wants to drink or eat he walks back. and when he wants to go to bed he will take himself back to the cage. Xxx
  16. /Karen
    Brilliant and useful page and wildlife directory. Many injured bats have found their way to me via your site. A big thank you from me and the bats!! Karen ~ South Yorkshire Bat Rescue & Rehabilitation /\/\/(^._.^)\/\/\
  17. /Ruth
    Hello, we’ve just read your advice page, about baby birds, and are now doing our best with that. Great website - thank you.
  18. /john brash
    found your website very helpful and will b in touch about a squirrel that we have
  19. /n/a
    Really too complicated. Trying to find where to take a young, possibly injured gull in Bath, your site takes me back and forth getting nowhere.
    • /HelpWildlife
      Really sorry to hear that. I will send you an email to try and find out more about your experience and how we can make improvements.
  20. /Debbie Ramsden
    My dog caught a magpie and it was injured I found the web site on the internet and text the number supplied within 10 mins I received a message with help and advice. Amazing service thank you the magpie is going to get help tomorrow ???? he is now safe in my garage with some water and food . Thankyou again for the speedy response and advice much appreciated ????
  21. /Stacey timms
    A bird had fallen out of its nest. This text service was very helpful and gave me the phone number of the local rescue centre. The bird sadly didn't make it.
  22. /Freya Smith
    Seagull chick caught up in barbed wire on chimney pot. Seagull parents nested there last year rearing 2 chicks successfully. House-holder allowed this without interference but later placed barbed wire over chimney. Seagull parents not put off! 2 chicks hatched in amongst the wire - ok until they got a little bigger then one caught up by wing. Contacted you, you gave me Pawz for Thought to contact. Unable to get through so contacted the RSPCA + Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service who liaised to carry out an amazing rescue. I rang and thanked them and again tried Lyn at Pawz for Thought who was just in the process of taking said chicks into her care! Wonderful and thank you all for such a great response. My faith in humanity restored by the kindness and caring experienced with my request.
  23. /Linda
    Thank you for your help in finding a rescue centre. The lady I spoke to from Weymouth Wildlife Rescue was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful and has given me useful advice.
  24. /Trapped bird
    Useful advice on freeing a bird trapped in my chimney. Thank you
  25. /Susan beasant
    I found a baby bird in my garden and wanted to help it but didn't know where to take it as it was getting dark! I found this text service to be of great help with advice etc I took the baby bird to st tiggywink hospital. I felt very relieved that I had given this baby bird a chance to survive!
  26. /Hels
    What a fantastic service you provide. I rescued a baby pigeon and your swift advice via text meant he was being looked after by professionals within the hour. Thank you so much for such a great service. I could not praise you enough and intend to spread the word to everyone I meet!
  27. /Dragonlady
    One problem,I have been unable to find a phone number on you site.Tried "contact us"no joy.Could you please tell me where it is for future referenceAnn Billinghurst
    • /HelpWildlife
      Hi AnnAt the moment we don't have the resource to be able to operate a telephone line. We provide numbers for wildlife rescues and advise that visitors contact them directly in urgent situations in order to ensure they receive advice quickly. For non urgent enquiries we are best contacted by email.
  28. /Estelle
    Thank you so much - such a great website and brilliant, useful information and advice you provide. I've ended up coming across 3 different pigeons needing help in as many months this year, and your help has been truly invaluable. Found the "Find a Wildlife Rescue" feature on the site very useful, comprehensive and easy to use - have now bookmarked your site on all my devices! Will be spreading the word. Thank you :)
  29. /mystic meg
    Thank you for your advice which has helped me decide what to do next.
  30. /JB
    Many thanks I think this site is a great help.
  31. /Carly
    Yesterday evening witnessed a fox attacking a large adult cat in my garden, yes you are right the fox was only slightly bigger, when I went out side the fox withdrew a little, the cat was very still, I dared not appoach and the fox returned to the cat to continue its attack, the cat obviously injured managed to run but the fox caught up and attacked again, the cat turned to the fox and hissed very loud as I also made noise the fox retreated again, the cat was attempting to return to a neighbour's house and again the fox gave persuit but I managed to scare it off. It seems your research needs researching and updating as fox behaviour and how it's having to adapt to survive in human populated areas is involving rapidly. I live in a semirural location on the edge of Louth market town. Several cats have gone missing over recent years, notice on lamp post and such in my area, I wonder if what I witnessed is not so solitary.
    • /HelpWildlife
      Hi Carly, fox attacks on cats are incredibly rare and there is no evidence to suggest that this is changing. This time of year foxes are giving birth so it's possible that you witnessed a vixen protecting recently born cubs from a perceived threat.
  32. /Lolly
    Not in my case for a wild deer, tried several of the wildlife numbers left messages but no reply as yet!!
    • /HelpWildlife
      Wildlife rescues are exceptionally busy this time of year with babies I'm afraid. I hope someone was able to help.
  33. /kelly
    No information to help with orphaned swans in Nottingham. Are we without help?
    • /HelpWildlife
      Hi Kelly. We try to cover the most common scenarios on our advice pages such as catted birds but there are a myriad of ways wildlife can get into trouble sadly. You're welcome to email us for non emergency advice otherwise please do telephone your nearest wildlife rescue listed in our directory. If cygnets are without either parent then they will definitely need help.
  34. /HogJoy
    Whilst adding my hedgehog rescue, I had no option but to add another species before submission.
    • /HelpWildlife
      Thank you for taking the time to let me know, Joy. I changed the submission form recently and that question was marked as required in error. I've amended the form and have noted too that your rescue is hedgehogs only. Thanks again :)
  35. /CeeJay
    Site very informative but for one thing. My cat brought a tiny bird in late at night (well out of hours) so was unable to contact a rescue, further tips would have been helpful regarding helping the bird through til morning.
    • /HelpWildlife
      Many thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately there are so many variables - species, age, diet, injury type etc - that it would be very difficult to provide advice which covered all of them. Incorrect advice could potentially end up doing more harm than good. We will definitely keep this feedback in mind though and see if there is anything safe and generic we can provide. Thanks again :)
  36. /Ramila
    There seems to be a bird stuck in the chimney at my friends house, but the fire place is enclosed. Can we call someone to get it out?
    • /HelpWildlife
      There's information about what to do here -
  37. /hazeofvenus
    This site offers clear, practical advice & its obvious that the volunteers are experienced & have integrity. I do feel totally helpless, however & not very hopeful for my casualty. The sad truth is that I don't have the right expertise & it seems that no one will want to help my nestling. I wish there was advice about how to make them comfortable whilst waiting for the inevitable. I apologise for my pessimism :-(
    • /HelpWildlife
      Hi, please email us at with details and your postcode and I will try to find you some help. If you can include a picture of the bird as well, that will be helpful.
  38. /BusyBee
    A wood pigeon crashed into my upstairs window badly injuring its wing. Via Google and the RSPB I found your website and the listing of Pigeon Rescue in London. The second phone number worked and I was able to get the pigeon to people who know how to treat it. A big relief. Your site is a great resource for finding wildlife rescue organisations! Thank you
  39. /TC
    Not on single place in Leeds that can help an injured bird. Shameful to say the least as we also have wild animals.
    • /HelpWildlife
      Sadly some of the rescues we used to have listed in the Leeds area have closed. Wildlife rescue is very expensive and many groups simply don't get enough to support to carry on their work.
  40. /Fish
    Recently contacted help wildlife when a young starling flew into a window. Although the bird was trying to move it just couldn't get its balance and kept falling over. Kept it in a box for several hours and then rang Birds of a Feather which is based near Rochdale. Robert answered immediately and said to bring it round for him to check on its condition. He kept the bird overnight and rang me the next day to update on its progress. It still couldn't stand up properly but had been eating well. We arranged that I would ring him after the weekend for another update and if it was ok I would bring it back home to release it in familiar territory. Really amazing site, fantastic people, just a shame it's not better known. Lots of other well known charities give advice but no help... once you have followed their advice you're on your own. Thanks for your help!
  41. /combo
    you failed to address the issue of - what happens if you cannot find a sanctuary for the bird & have to keep it?i rescued an injured "racer" (now recovered) & i'm afraid to release it for reasons you have mentioned.
    • /HelpWildlife
      Hi Combo, racers aren't wildlife so most of the rescues we list won't have facilities for them. We are aware of some rescues who can accommodate them though and it is possible to move them via couriers to sanctuaries further away. If you'd like to drop us an email with your location, I'll recommend some places for you.
  42. /Elaine
    My cat got a baby bird this morning. I did my best to keep it safe and warm while trying to find a local sanctuary. I was so grateful to find a register on your website. RSPB no use at all. Thank you so much. Our bird is in expert hands now.
  43. /Mrs G
    We came across an injured baby moorhen who's legs weren't working this morning and thanks to your website we found SESAW in Essex who took the little guy in. They were closed when I called however as it was an emergency the answer machine said to come down anyway. A really helpful lady took it it. Many thanks for listing all the wildlife centres near us- some I was completely unaware off!
  44. /kathy
    Super site - found the contact details that I needed easily as well as other interesting and useful information - many thanks :-)
  45. /Max
    A very helpful website which helped me locate a wildlife rescue centre not that far away, which did take the injured woodpigeon which I was trying to find a place for. Unfortunately, two of the nearer rescue centres I had found on the website seemed to not be taking admissions or didn't have a website/incorrect link - but one of those actually had a comment on their listing saying they weren't taking new admissions, which at least saved me time trying to look at their website/call them to find out. Obviously wildlife rescue is expensive work, and relies on donations, so I am not surprised some go through times they cannot take admissions or have to close. Anyway - this website certainly helps to make knowledge of what wildlife centres are available much more accessible and all in one place. So I greatly appreciate the work of this website, and it's volunteers! Please continue! Thanks.
  46. /Priscilla
    Thank you for this service and website. I rescued a frightened baby pigeon tonight on my way home from work. It was being preyed upon by two cats but I scared them off and was able to get a box from a neighbour. I didn’t know if anywhere would take it in. This website have me confidence I could find a vet and 2 hours later it was safely at a 24 hour vet. I hope it survives and thank my husband and landlord for their help with transport and loan of a car.
  47. /Joolia
    Thanks for providing help and guidance on how to assist animals and birds in distress. There is nothing worse than not knowing what to do.
  48. /Nin
    Thank you for your website and rescue service. A friend rescued a pigeon. The pigeon couldn't walk and had a head injury. We were staying at a hotel. Unfortunately, it was after six and the other rescues were closed. RSPCA suggested taking the pigeon to a vet but there wasn't any around. So we called the Pigeon Rescue Team from the Help Wildlife website The lady came within 2 hours. Apparently, she took the tube. So please donate to these nice folks. Thanks again!
  49. /A.B
    Very useful site. Please could you add an edit button to the comments section. I wrote some feedback late at night and couldn't correct the mistakes so ending up leaving a few entries (please delete the earlier ones!).
    • /HelpWildlife
      Thanks. The comments are provided by a wordpress plugin so we are limited to what that can do but I'll put on my list to have a look at others which might allow that option.
  50. /Su
    Love the site ,but the link to the form to complete to offer to get involved does not seem to wor - is there any way you can send this to me?
    • /HelpWildlife (Sarah)
      Hi SuApologies, I'm just in the process of moving this on to a new system and it's taken a little longer than planned as I've been caught up with poorly animals. It should be working again in the next few days if you don't mind checking back then. Thanks :) x
  51. /Melissa
    This site is incorrect I regarding foxes and domestic cats. I have had a fox coming up into our back garden. I saw it today praying on my cat and scared it off. Tonight my cat was out and attacked by the fox. My cat lost it's foot and part of it's tail and had to be taken into emergency. He is now going to have to have his whole leg amputated.
    • /HelpWildlife (Sarah)
      Hi Melissa, sorry to hear about your cats injuries. We don't say it never happens, just that it's highly unlikely. Logically, thinking about the numbers of foxes and cats in the country, if foxes were a significant threat, there would be cat attacks daily and plenty of evidence of them, which there isn't. Did you actually see the fox attack the cat out of interest? It is possible the risk is higher this time of year when foxes have cubs as they may consider the cat a threat and defend their cubs against them.
  52. /Andy
    I have often wondered why so many hedgehogs get run over...last night I got an incite. On an empty road I saw a lump in the turned out be a hedge that had reacted to my car lights. As I approached, I could see it what it was an slowed down and steered around problems so far. Then, when it obviously got rattled by the noise and vibration of my appraching car, it unfurled and moved right in front of me!!. I fortuntely just missed..but was very close...even though I was prepared and undistracrlted by anything else!! Any other animal has geneerally bolted at the loghts..hedgehogs do the wrong thing at the wrong time!! Just thpught I could share my experience with your excellent website. Andy
    • /HelpWildlife (Sarah)
      Hi Andy, yes their defence strategy might work well against most predators but it's not ideal when faced with a car. Thanks for sharing :)
  53. /Sarah
    Thank you, I have managed to find a pigeon friendly rescue centre due to this site. I looked after Pat the pigeon for 4 days but was finding it difficult as I have 2 cats and no area to keep the pigeon outdoors, which I think is probably best. This has been very helpful. I will be making a donation to the rescue centre I found in Great Wyrley.
  54. /Sarah
    This has helped me find a pigeon friendly rescue centre, I’m very grateful. Thank you.
  55. /Claire
    Alot of the centres have been discontinued and I was unable to speak to anyone about an injured pigeon. When I finally managed to locate someone in Somerset (there was no listing at all in Bristol and I don't have a car) he was lovely but the pigeon had quietly died in the hours it had taken to locate anyone. Though the information on the site is useful, the cases studies are awful, which ends up creating extra anxiety to an all ready anxious situation. I'm really appreciate the contact I did make as he said he would help in the future, but where is Bristol helpers? You're adamant they have to be handed over without any provision to do so. That poor little chap. I was hardly going to leave him when he was so battered, yet feel we let him down.
    • /HelpWildlife (Sarah)
      Hi Claire,Sorry to hear you had difficulties getting help. We do have other options on our help page so that folks can get in touch in these circumstances. Unfortunately we cannot control where rescues are located, only list those that exist, and many have closed in recent years either through retirement or lack of funds. I'm not sure what you mean by the case studies but if you can share any more information on that, we'd like to hear your feedback so we can make improvements.
  56. /Kaz
    I was looking for rescue centres near me when I noticed one in the South Downs national park, however it was Hollycroft Hedgehog Rescue in Tillington, Hereford; which is not in the South Downs. Did not want to use feature on their page as not reviewing them in any way, just saying that they are appearing in the wrong spot on the map
    • /HelpWildlife (Sarah)
      Thank you so much for taking the time to flag this up. It turns out there is a Tillington near Petworth and our map had popped the marker there by mistake. I've now moved it - many thanks.
  57. /Karen
    I am looking after a dehydrated exhausted juvenile gull. I have read your section about baby birds and was pleased to see a separate category for gull chicks. It was very reassuring to know that young gulls often leave the nest before they are fully able to fly - this explained our patient's predicament! He/she is feeding and drinking well, and I hope to open the cage door in a couple of days! Thank you.
  58. /Nickname ( required )
    Trying to find your phone number is hopeless. Why don't you list it prominently?
    • /HelpWildlife (Sarah)
      We don't have the resources to offer a telephone service unfortunately. And in general it's much better if folks get straight on and call their local wildlife rescue from the numbers in our directory...talking to us first would usually just add in delay.
  59. /Mike
    Please don't use your own map of rescue centres, use Google maps - then the info is available to all.
    • /HelpWildlife (Sarah)
      Hi Mike, we have used google for our map in the past but it took a great deal more work to maintain and was unfortunately unreliable. Regardless, I'm not sure I understand the issue you're raising - our map of rescue centres is available to all.
  60. /Edna
    The that you give a link to is not the Bristol uni site, it’s a casino site in the US!!
    • /HelpWildlife (Sarah)
      Thank you for letting us know. It seems they've recently revamped and moved their website so I've updated the link to point to the new site.
  61. /Franthevet
    Hi, I'm a vet in west Yorkshire with an especial interest in wildlife. Like most vets, we 'll examine and do emergency treatment/euthanasia of all wildlife for free but I am increasingly frustrated by the rspca . Many people ring them first often causing delays and therefore increased suffering for the animal or give wrong advice ie picking up fledgling and bringing them to use when they're not injured therefore loosing the chance of reuniting the bird with its parent. Had never heard of you but checked out wildlife centres near me, some of which we use but there are other centres not on your site. Will contact them but can you not link up with rspca to get members of the public to check out your local expert volunteers BEFORE they handle the animal. (unless its obviously badly injured). Appreciate you are also volunteers and a charity but thought I'd suggest...keep up the good work . Have shared your site to all my Facebook friends x
    • /HelpWildlife (Sarah)
      Hi Fran, thanks for getting in touch. We'd love to have you/your practice registered on our Community Heroes scheme and if you could send us details of any rescues not in the directory we'll contact them to see if they'd like to be added to the directory.The RSPCA can be very frustrating, though usually we find it's them telling people not to intervene when they should rather than vice versa. Unfortunately, they rarely recognise small, independent rescues such as those in our directory and so won't refer people to them. They will only work with rescues they 'approve' which means the rescue signing up to their policies which usually involve a considerably higher euthanasia rate than most are comfortable with. We're trying to spread the word about our site and wildlife rescues in general as an alternative and the message is getting out there (the RSPB helpline refer folks to our site which is a real win) but, of course, there's more to do. I think vets are an important resource here (since MOPs not 'in the know' tend to call RSPCA or their local vet) and we're hoping to run a project to get more vets 'on-side' in the future. If you'd be able to help us with this (just having a vets point of view would be invaluable) then do please drop us an email.
  62. /Rachel
    Just found out about this website from Swan Life Line in Windsor and we will be sure to use it in future thank you. There is a phone number for Bishop's Wood Swan Rescue (07977 209547) that doesn't appear to be working, if you could check it out that would be great thanks, Rachel.
    • /HelpWildlife (Sarah)
      Thanks, Rachel. We'll look into that straight away.

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