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Why do you wish to make contact with Please see the options below for more information.

Please click here for instructions on how to add or edit a listing and links to the forms needed.

please use the contact details listed on their page. Please do not use the comment facility for enquiries, these comments are not passed to the rescue directly.

please let us know using the comment facility on the page relating to that rescue.

See What Should I do? for advice , or search the map to locate a rescue organisation in your area and contact them for advice and assistance. If you are unable to find the advice or help you need on these pages, please refer to our help page for details of further assistance. Please DO NOT contact us or other organisations electronically for help – this is an urgent situation and contact should be made by telephone.

Like all areas of animal rescue, wildlife rescue has its controversies and fair share of politics and dramas. This is not something we have any wish to be involved in. Our directory provides rescue details for information only and we can no more vet or endorse the rescues in it than the yellow pages can your local plumber. If you have genuine concerns about one of the rescues listed, you should contact the relevant authority eg RSPCA, police or Charity Commission. That said, we obviously don’t want to be directing people towards rescues which are objectively unsuitable. It’s a dilemma we have been wrestling with for some time. So, we have put together some ‘Community Standards’. These are things which we believe are, objectively, standards all rescues should be meeting and we ask that the rescues we list agree to them. If you have evidence that a rescue listed does not conform to these standards, please send it to us at

We’re happy to comment on stories affecting UK wildlife, especially those around cruelty, controversial species and conflicts between humans and wildlife. Please email and we’ll be happy to help.

Please see here for details of how you can help. Please note, we do not operate a wildlife rescue so we do not have opportunities for hands on volunteering or work experience. We are run entirely by volunteers so do not have any job vacancies. If you’d like to contribute to this site, please email

Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to offer this service. Your local wildlife rescue may be able to help – just put your postcode into our map to find them. Two favours to ask though – firstly, please don’t ask them to take animals along. Animals in the care of wildlife rescues are sick and wild and being on display in front of a group of people is not in their best interests. Secondly, please do make a donation in return. Most wildlife rescues are run entirely by volunteers and operate on a shoe string so please show your appreciation by supporting their work.

N.B. is a website dedicated to helping the public know what to do when faced with a wild bird or animal who may need help. We also have a directory of around 400 UK wildlife rescue organisations. We do not operate a wildlife rescue ourselves. If you have a general enquiry for us, NOT for a specific wildlife rescue, please email Before you email, please check that it’s us you wish to contact. We get a lot of emails which were obviously intended for one of the rescues listed in our directory. We do not have a telephone number as we do not have sufficient resources to ensure it is consistently manned.

You’ll find advice articles here but if you need tailored advice please email

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