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If you are a rescue, independent rescuer, or wildlife-friendly vet in the UK, we’d love to have you registered in our directory. You’ll need to Register an Account in order to add a listing. You’ll then be able to edit the listing at any time, including setting it as ‘temporarily closed’ if you’re full or need a break. You’ll find guidance on adding, claiming, editing and removing a listing – here.

There are three ‘levels’ to the directory

1. The public directory/’Rescues’
These rescues are the first results shown to site visitors who search our map.

2. The back-up directory/’Small Rescues’
The rescues are not shown to site visitors in their initial search but their contact details are publicly viewable on the site.

3. Community Heroes
These listings are not shown to site visitors in their initial search and their contact details are hidden from the public. Our team will refer people to you if they’ve not been able to find help from the first two levels of the directory.

The table below provides a rough guide to which tier of the directory your rescue best sits in. *We strongly recommend that any rescue less than 2 years old starts off in tier 2 or 3. Your listing can be moved later on, just let us know if you want to make a change.

 1 (Rescues)2 (Small Rescues)3 (Heroes)
Type of RescueFormal organisation with governing documentsInformal or not yet fully established rescueIndividual rescuer or vet practice
Duration of Experience2 years or moreLess than 2 years*Any
Capacity1000 or more animals a year100-1000 animals a year100 animals a year or less
Contactable viaPublicly listed telephone numberPublicly listed telephone numberPrivate telephone number or e-messaging only
Desired visibility on immediately available to the publicDetails available to the public but not in initial search resultsDetails only available to to use if options from the other tiers can't help
FinancesProbably registered with the Charity Commission

Rescue has its own bank account
Unlikely to be Charity Commission registered, may be registered with HMRC

Rescue has its own bank account
Not formally registered. May be self-funded rather than taking donations.
PoliciesAgrees to Community StandardsAgrees to Community StandardsMay not be able to demonstrate all Community Standards
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