• I’m concerned about an animal – should I help?

    We’ve put together a library of articles to help you assess whether help is needed. Just go to helpwildlife.co.uk/advice to read them. If you can‘t find the information you need there, have a look at helpwildlife.co.uk/help for sources of bespoke advice and assistance. Reviewing our articles first takes the pressure off busy wildlife rescue volunteers.

  • How can I find a wildlife rescue near me?

    Just head to directory.helpwildlife.co.uk and enter your location to be shown wildlife rescues in your area. If you struggle to find a rescue, head to helpwildlife.co.uk/help for support. 

  • Can you come and rescue this animal I’ve found?

    No, we (HelpWildlife.co.uk) operate online only. We can offer advice and help to connect you with a wildlife rescue in your area. Go to helpwildlife.co.uk/help for more information. 

  • I have a problem with unwelcome wildlife. Can you help?

    We have some advice articles covering this. Just go to helpwildlife.co.uk/advice/problem-wildlife 

    If your issue isn’t covered there, you can drop us an email here 

  • How do I add a rescue to the directory or change the listed information about my rescue?

    If you are a rescue and wish to add/edit/remove a listing in our directory, you should find the information you need at directory.helpwildlife.co.uk/rescue-guidance 

    If your query isn’t covered by that guidance you can email us here.

  • There’s a problem with a directory listing – how can I tell you about it?

    If you have feedback about the contact information on a directory listing, please use the feedback facility on the listing.

    If you have concerns about one of the listings in the directory please visit helpwildlife.co.uk/policies/ 

  • How can I contribute information to your site?

    The accuracy of the information on our site is of paramount importance to us. For that reason, we very much welcome the input of those working in wildlife rescue or with other wildlife knowledge and expertise. We will not accept contributions from content creators, marketing agencies etc – we do not pay for content and we do not publish content in exchange for payment. 

    If you are a rescuer or wildlife expert and would like to suggest an improvement to a current article or contribute your own article about something not currently covered in our advice portal, please email us

    Emails from content creators etc will be ignored and marked as spam.

  • Can I link to your website?

    Yes, please do! The information on our site is designed to be shared – we want as many people as possible to know what to do and who to turn to if they find injured wildlife. Thank you for helping to spread the word.

  • Do you need any volunteers?

    We do, but please be aware this will be with online, computer based work not animal care. If you’re looking to volunteer directly with animals, please search our directory to find a wildlife rescue in your area and use the information on their listing to contact them and offer your help. To volunteer with us, visit helpwildlife.co.uk/get-involved

  • Can you come and do a talk for my school/club/scout group etc?

    Unfortunately, we (HelpWildlife.co.uk) do not have the resources to do talks and visits at this time. Please search our directory to find a wildlife rescue in your area and use the information on their listing to contact them to see if they can help.

  • Do you have any jobs? Can I come and do work experience with you?

    We (HelpWildlife.co.uk) are run entirely by volunteers from their homes so we have no jobs available and cannot accommodate work experience placements. 

  • Would you like some towels/mascara wands/newspaper/cages/food etc?

    Thank you but we (HelpWildlife.co.uk) operate online only so we have no use for items used to care for animals. Please put your location into our map to find a wildlife rescue in your area and use the information on their listing to contact them and offer your donations.

  • My query is not about sick/injured/at risk wildlife and is not covered by the FAQs. How can I get in touch?

    You can email us here. DO NOT USE THIS EMAIL ADDRESS TO REPORT SICK/INJURED/AT RISK WILDLIFE. Emails are checked once a day so we will not see your message quickly enough to help. For anything concerning a wild animal needing help, visit helpwildlife.co.uk/help

    Please be aware that we have very limited volunteer resources. If your query is covered by the FAQs above we may not respond.