Sick or Injured Wildlife provides advice on what to do if you find a sick, injured or abandoned wild bird or animal

In the following situations, please contact a wildlife rescue immediately

  • Any wild animal caught by a cat or dog
  • Any wild animal hit by a car
  • Any wild animal with visible injuries or growths
  • Any wild animal caught in netting, a trap or snare, or tangled in fishing line/string etc
  • Birds covered in oil

You can find a wildlife rescue in your area by putting your location into our search facility at

Our infographic covering steps to take

On the links below you will find advice on whether and how to help in less clear cut situations. We hope the information here will help you to decide when to intervene but if you remain unsure or the situation is very urgent, we recommend you contact one of the rescues in our directory by telephone for advice.

If you’re unable to find the help you need, please click the ‘help’ button on the bottom right of your desktop screen or click here to submit a request for 1-2-1 advice from one of our volunteers.

General Scenarios

Cat or Dog Attack Tangled or Trapped Pest Species Road Accidents

Helping birds

Adult Garden Birds Baby Birds Racing Pigeons Birds of Prey
Broken Wings Oiled Birds Waterfowl Birds in Chimneys

Helping Mammals

Badgers Bats Deer Rodents

Foxes Hedgehogs Otters Squirrels