Helping you to help them is a charity run advice website which is part of the Starlight Trust offers advice on when and how to help wildlife casualties, publishes a directory of rescue organisations who can help, and provides free advice about resolving conflicts with unwelcome wildlife humanely and effectively.

If you have found an injured bird or animal then time is of the essence. A wildlife casualty in close proximity to people will be under a great deal of stress. Combined with its injuries this can quickly lead to the animal going into potentially fatal shock. Read our advice about what to do next and search our directory of over 600 individuals and organisations who can help by providing further advice, rescue services, medical care and rehabilitation for wildlife in need.

If you are experiencing problems with wildlife we can offer advice on how to resolve the issue. Our advice is based on the Integrated Wildlife Management system, a science based, non-lethal approach which tackles the root cause of the issue using an understanding of ecology and zoology.