Helping you to help them is a charity run advice website which is part of the Starlight Trust is a charity-run site set up to help members of the public who find wildlife casualties with advice and a directory of wildlife rescuers. We also provide advice on humane, holistic methods of wildlife management.

The site first began in 2005 in response to a need for reliable information on the internet about when and how to help wildlife. Our founder, Sarah, was spending time on internet forums trying to help finders locate wildlife rescues and found existing lists to be either out of date or mixed up with domestic animal rescues. So, she gathered all the wildlife rescues she could find into a single page list for easy reference.

The homepage in 2006

The directory of wildlife rescues is the most used feature on the site and you can read more about how that has developed here.

Despite the huge changes the site has been through since 2005, it’s still run by Sarah and a handful of helpers and we’d really like your help. Whether you’re a wildlife rescuer or just someone who believes in what we’re trying to do, we’d love you to get involved. is part of the Starlight Trust, the charity founded by Sarah and her husband, Dave. You can find out more about the work of the trust at