IF YOU’VE GOT A WILDLIFE CASUALTY AND YOU CAN’T WORK OUT HOW TO NAVIGATE THIS WEBSITE PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR 1-2-1 SUPPORT FROM ONE OF OUR VOLUNTEERS is a volunteer run website which aims to match wildlife casualty finders with the advice and help they need.

If you have feedback about a particular rescue

If you have feedback about a rescue listed in our directory, please visit their listing page and use the feedback facility provided so your comments are linked to the right rescue.

If you have feedback about

If you made use of the advice or rescue directory on this website, received help through our HelpDesk, or contacted us for help by email, we’d love to hear your feedback on whether and how we helped. If you have any suggestions for improvements, we’d be delighted to hear those too.

Whoever you leave feedback for, please be mindful that it will be a charity, quite likely run by volunteers giving up their time – please be polite. We welcome constructive, considered feedback but may edit or delete comments which are abusive in tone or content.

Please don’t comment asking for help with casualties as we may not see your post in time. If you are in need of advice please submit a request or, for general enquiries, visit our contact page.