Call a domestic animal charity/RSPB/RSPCA provides advice on what to do if you find a sick, injured or abandoned wild bird or animal

Call a domestic animal charity/RSPB/RSPCA

There certainly are many domestic animal charities who also take in wildlife and do an excellent job. But, as stated above, wild animals can be very different to domestic pets and have very different needs. They should also be kept away from domestic animals in order to minimise stress. A specialist wildlife rescue is a better option.

The RSPB receive thousands of calls about injured birds every year but they are not a bird rescue. They are a conservation charity and do not have bird hospitals to care for patients. They are extremely supportive of wildlife rescue and refer callers to their helpline to our site to find them help.

The RSPCA operate several dedicated wildlife centres in the UK and these are often at the cutting edge of care and rehabilitation techniques. However, their national advice line is manned by contracted staff working from a script and the advice given is very often incorrect and dangerous. Euthanasia rates for wildlife collected by their Collection Officers and Inspectors are also high.

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