I have concerns about one of the rescues listed in your directory

helpwildlife.co.uk provides advice on what to do if you find a sick, injured or abandoned wild bird or animal

I have concerns about one of the rescues listed in your directory

Like all areas of animal rescue, wildlife rescue has its controversies and fair share of politics and dramas. This is not something we have any wish to be involved in. Our directory provides rescue details for information only and we can no more vet or endorse the rescues in it than the yellow pages can your local plumber. If you have genuine concerns about one of the rescues listed, you should contact the relevant authority eg RSPCA, police or Charity Commission. That said, we obviously don’t want to be directing people towards rescues which are objectively unsuitable. It’s a dilemma we have been wrestling with for some time. So, we have put together some ‘Community Standards’. These are things which we believe are, objectively, standards all rescues should be meeting and we ask that the rescues we list agree to them. If you have evidence that a rescue listed does not conform to these standards, please send it to us at enquiries@helpwildlife.co.uk

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