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Carla and Mike Meeks

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    A swan on our lake became progressively weak over four days and, by A Bank holiday Monday was unable to walk. Phone Mike atb09.30 and he, Carla and a helper came round within an hour. They took the beautiful bird, evidently only a year old and very underweight, away and intend to nurse it back to full health. Truly wonderful caring people


    I found a baby pigeon at Christchurch train station, with an injured leg and no nest or parents around. After sitting next to it for a few minutes it hobbled over to me climbed on my crossed legs. I took it home thanks to a lady that drove passed me in the car park with it on my head (it climbed there and sat there!) that pulled over and asked if she could help. After caring for it for two days, making sure it drank and tried to help it eat, I noticed it was not eating anything at all… Read more »


    Had cause to phone on two separate occasions this year – the first for a female swan with an eye injury, and most recently for a cygnet that had swallowed some fishing line. Both times the swans have been seen to within the space of a few hours at most, with no signs of distress. It’s great to know that people like this are available to assist in times of emergency, can’t thank them enough for the assistance they’ve given to our local swans.

    Nicky Bates

    Found a baby bird on the ground in the garden. I was concerned as after some time, it had not moved from the place it was sat. I used a towel to pick it up and placed it in a box with newspaper. No sign of parents, so I looked online and saw Mike Meeks was very close. Rang him and was able to take the bird straight over. This was past 9 pm. Mike says it looks like a baby black bird and said to call in the morning to see how it’s doing 🙂 lovely to know if… Read more »