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Every Feather Bird and Wildlife Rescue

Directory listings which state they are 'owner verified' are managed by the rescue owner, giving a high level of confidence in the information provided. Those which are not (and therefore display the 'Claim Listing' button) are maintained by our volunteers using information gathered from the rescue or their website. In these cases, the information should be viewed as a guide only - please contact the rescue directly for verification. It's very helpful if you can leave feedback as to whether the information is correct.

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  • NB: You are viewing a directory entry. We rely on your feedback to keep the directory up to date. Please visit the feedback tab to let us know if the listing information is correct.

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    Sent a message and asked for advice, the message was read and ignored, consequently the bird my 11 year old son was trying to save died


    We are extremely busy and this rescue is run by one person. If you don’t receive a response from a rescue then the best thing to do is take to a local vet or contact another rescue. Being so small we simply don’t have time to get back to everyone.


    Thank you for your help yesterday. I brought you a pigeon that had been injured by a cat. I was so glad to be able to leave it in your hands confident that it would receive the best care possible.

    John Allen

    Steph is amazing. Lovely lady and very helpful. Found a baby blackbird that had fallen out of its nest and got separated from the parents. Watched it for 3 hours – no sign of the parents. It was cold and wet and going dark so at this point we intervened and brought the bird inside to get it warm. Rang and texted Steph. She immediately came back to us. Took the bird over to Bolton for Steph to take of. She popped it into a carrier with a couple of other blackbird chicks ready to be fed. Steph is a… Read more »

    House with cats

    Answer machine message indicates no longer active and to source an agency on http://new.helpwildlife.co.uk

    HelpWildlife (Sarah)

    Thank you for the feedback. I understand Every Feather are having some difficulties at the moment though they are still helping with emergencies where they can. So I’ll leave the listing intact for now and it’s worth others continuing to approach them for help where needed. I’m hoping they will be back on their feet soon as they are a precious resource in this area.

    Every Feather

    Apologies to anyone who we have missed. We had a brief period of closure but we are open again now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


    Great service and prompt help. There was a poor pigeon suffering from broken wing for few days and noone cared to report about it. I heard my neighbours saying some rescue services been informed but no help arrived I tried to search for something by myself and I found every feather charity and asked them for help. They did take a poor pigeon straight away. It is lovely to have charities like this and people willing to help to even a simplest bird like pigeon. Whoever I was speaking to on Facebook – all of the best to you and… Read more »


    Sephanie had helped take in a couple of pidgeons for me, she and her sister know their stuff. Bless them both.


    Stephanie was most helpful and was an extremely welcome help when faced with an injured duckling needing urgent attention and struggling to get any help from what are considered usually the immediate points of call. Thank you guys your amazing and I know that the duckling will be extremely well cared for .


    Thank you for the helpful advice over the phone when I found a tired and cold baby duckling in my back garden, the mother had taken the rest of the ducklings to the nearby brook and left this little chap behind, after getting the duckling warm again I was able to drop him off at your address for professional care

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    Thankyou for helpful advice about an apparently injured wood pigeon.seems you were right just being lazy !

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    Thanks Stephanie for taking little Rocky the baby pigeon today who unfortunately lost one of his his legs this weekend. Keep up the fantastic work, you showed us we still have belief that there are great people out there doing the most worthwhile unsung work. We will be in touch soon to see how he is. Thank you so much. Phil and Diane


    I would like to thank this lovely lady for her help with the tiny great tit chicks who had their nest damaged. one chick died before they were found but two were still alive and chirping . She told me how to keep them alive until she could take them from us to look after them.


    Stephanie was really helpful over the phone offering advice and information regarding a bird that I had found. She directed me to the nearest sanctuary and gave me some information on handling and looking after the bird in the meantime. A lovely person with knowledge and extremely caring.