FAUNA Wildlife Rescue

Rescue Category: Multi-species Rescue

Rescue Details
Rescue Details
  • Listing Status: Active
    Availability: 24 hours for emergencies
    United Kingdom
    Phone Number: 07796 796791
    Species Helped:
    • Corvids
    • Foxes
    • Garden Birds
    • Gulls
    • Hedgehogs
    • Mice
    • Mustelids
    • Pigeons
    • Rats
    • Squirrels
    • Voles
    • Waterfowl (Small)
  • Comments ( 27 )

    1. /Joanne Tucker
      FAUNA Wildlife rescue took in a sick Collard Dove I found in my street , Vikki was brilliant and we met halfway and she took the bird in.
    2. /Althea
      I would like to thank FAUNA rescue charity. I rang them late on a Saturday evening after finding a small black bird in the snow in my garden, struggling with a broken wing and missing feather from its back. I took it in and was lost as what to do. I googled and found Helpwildlife and a link to FAUNA, after ringing them they arranged to meet and take the bird to ensure it was looked at, sadly as I had feared the bird was very badly injured and could not be saved. I was assured it would be put out of it pain in the gentle and humane way. Big thank you to FAUNA!!!
    3. /Ben
      Just rang Vikki about a hedghog which looks like had a broken leg wandering around the street, she was with us within 20 mins to take it away excellent service, have they got a website? be useful to know and donate
    4. /Heather Casey
      Left message with Vikki about a fledgling bird which cat had caught. She phpned me back even though I am not in the area and gave me advice. Sadly the bird did not survive, but it was great that someone got back to me. Thank you.
    5. /Shelley
      I am so pleased to have found FAUNA , I rang vikki today after finding a baby magpie in our garden . She advised me on what to do until she was able to come for it. I could tell as soon as I gave her the box how much she cares for the animals and my mind is now at ease for the baby magpie and know he has the best chance with her .
    6. /Noirry
      Is this place still running? Tried calling 3 times over a 24 hour period but couldn't get through to anyone. Had a blackbird fledgling which had been attacked by a cat. Unfortunately he has now passed away.
      • /HelpWildlife
        I have emailed Vicki today to double check we have the right details and FAUNA are still operational. Do please bear in mind that rescues are insanely busy at this time of year and many are run by one or two people who are tending to animals sometimes 16 hours a day and just don't have the time or resources to respond to every call. I will update here once I hear back from Vicki. In the meantime, do please ring other rescues in the area if you have trouble getting through. Our links page also has details of other lists of rescues if you have no luck with the ones on this site.
    7. /Mel
      Is Fauna Wildlife still operational? I have been trying to get hold of somebody in relation to an injured hare for over a week now. My friend and I have been phoning the landline and the mobile but no answer. I have also e-mailed on Thursday 11th July and I have still not received a response.
    8. /Davey P
      Found an injured young pigeon in the road yesterday when out running before work. Wasn't sure what to do but knew I couldn't leave him there so gently picked him up and walked home. Still not sure what I was going to do, a quick search on the internet and I came across Vikki's number. So around 7.30am I called her and after advising us on how best to keep the little fella calm and relaxed she was on our doorstep within 90 minutes and whisking him off for care. Whilst picking up the little pigeon Vikki happened to mention she'd been out on a rescue till 2.30am and managed the rescue centre single handed! Just amazing! There are some amazing, kind people in this world and I was privileged to meet one yesterday. :)
    9. /Laura
      Vikki kindly collected a baby pigeon from me this evening that I had found on my way home from work. She was very reassuring and the poor thing is in the best hands. I'll be sure to donate to FAUNA to help with his care and I would encourage others to do the same.
    10. /Sue
      Rang Vikki on mobile after caring for a pigeon with all the skin in it's breast ripped off. She was brilliant and although was obviously.busy asked if I could meet her at 10.30pm when she would be near my home before reconsidering and making it earlier as the bird must have been in considerable pain. We met in a car park and she immediately administered pain killer and antibiotic cream. She also tended two baby hedgehogs from a different person. I have no doubt her days are long and busy but she was wonderful with the casualties and whilst I was prepared to take the pigeon and and care for it myself rather than have it put down (if there was a chance it could be saved and wasn't in too much distress) Vikki was obviously the right choice to care for it. She also asked for nothing from me (I was feeling bad as I didn't have any money on me to donate to this great cause). She took a spare towel I had a d said she'd wash it. I will be donating as it must cost a fortune to run. Vikki's dedication is apparent and she hopes that the pigeon will survive and can be released again. To reunite with it's mate if it has one. What a worthwhile cause so please use them if you find and injured animal and please help out if you can.
    11. /Jessica
      Just had to share my experience - saw a seagull trapped in netting on top of an office building on Queen Street - within 30mins me and my colleagues saw Vikki on the roof with a box for the seagull! Amazing
    12. /glyn Mills
      Fauna and Vicky has been brilliant tonight. Met as ASAP and taken in an injured Heron Gull probably knocked over by a car. It's in safe hands now with the best chance of survival. The local vets would have just put it down which didn't seem fair.
    13. /Myfanwy
      Vikki was kind enough to meet me last night at 1am to collect two featherless blackbird or magpie (to young to tell) chicks from me after my cat had brought them in. She gave me good advice until then, then took them away with her. She kept me updated and thankfully they made it through the night after her care, placing them in an incubator and tending them with antibiotics and feeding. She is going to send me photos of their progress which I am excited to see. I cannot recommend her highly enough and for those wishing to donate to allow her to continue this selfless work, she told me that donations are very welcome, cheques can be sent to FAUNA, PO Box 156, Cardiff, CF5 5YD (made payable to FAUNA). It's so wonderful that there are people like her in the world as these two baby birds would surely have perished without her. Endless Thankyous!!!!
    14. /Elinork
      I met this wonderful lady today. Our dogs found a young injured wood pidgeon in our garden this morning. (We think a cat had got it.) Its eye was red an bleeding, I thought it has lost it, it had alot of feathers missing, and there was alot of skin missing from its head. She was there within an hour after I called her. The bird has a broken beak and superficial skin wounds but she thinks he will pull through :) I even got a card with his patient number on so I can ring for updates! Amazing charity. I cant apologise enough that I didnt remember to give her some money for her work. I will get a cheque in the post soon :)
    15. /Katrina Baker
      We called the rescue late last night after a seagull came up to our patio doors and started pecking on the glass to let us know he was in distress - we had never seen this type of behaviour in a wild bird before. Vikki came straight over and collected the bird without any fuss. We are waiting to see what happened to him, but the general thought was that because we have a lot of raised flower beds and planters, the bird was unable to spread his wings to fly off. We were so impressed that Vikki came straight out even though it was very late. We would like to say a big Thank You, we think the work you do is amazing - God Bless you all xxx
    16. /Vanessa
      I found a young magpie on my way from work today, I call this number that I found online .Vikki gave me advice and said she would come as soon as she could to my place. Few hours later, after rescuing other birds (Bless!), she came to pick up my new friend. She could tell that something was wrong and took care of it. I'm glad she could rescue this bird better than I'll ever do! Such dedication and care! What you're doing is great, thank you so much for today :)
    17. /Kate davies
      I had Vikki out tonight for a little black bird that my cat had caught thankfully with some antibiotics the bird should be fine.thank u so much Vikki for coming out so soon
    18. /Kelly
      Vikki came and collected a fledgling sparrow that one of my cats had caught. She was unable to collect it straight away so provided advice to keep it in a warm dark place until she collected it. The plan is to give it some antibiotics as my cat caught it. Hope n pray it makes it. Love my cats but hate when they bring me wildlife.
    19. /Lizzi
      Thank you Vicki for rescuing the gull from the locked car park near where I work. It's wing was hanging off and looking very sorry for itself and I just didn't know what to do. The fence around the car park was about 8ft high and there was no way in. It didn't help that it started to rain and the poor thing was totally exposed to the elements. I tried the RSPCA but got the usual "we're too busy" response and after a few frantic phone calls I friend gave me Vicki's number. I left a message on her ansaphone but feared the worst and eventually had to leave but with a heavy heart. I anticipated going there first thing in the morning but realistically knew that left there all night a fox or a cat would have had him. My phone battery by this time had expired and it was only later when I looked at my phone I saw that there was a voicemail message. To my surprise and utter joy Vicki had left a message to say she had the bird. Thank you Vicki you are an angel; it's nice to know that there are people in the world like you, a good kind caring soul. I will be donating as soon as I finish this. Thank you thank you thank you. Xx
    20. /Alex Vaughan
      Thank you so much Vikki! What a wonderful lady who does such a invaluable job! We had a gull with a nasty wing injury that couldn';t fly in our carpark. We contacted the RSPCA and we are still waiting to hear back from them. So glad we found this website online, called Vikki and she was here in just over an hour and rescued it! So glad it won't be so distressed anymore. Keep up the good work Vikki!
    21. /Keith Francis
      Thank you Vikki for coming to the rescue of our orphaned baby squirrel. The world needs more people like you. Your prompt response and tireless efforts are a rarity in this day and age. You are a very special person! Thank you so very much. I'm sure he will now do very well under your care. If we can ever do anything to help, please let us know.
    22. /Vikki
      Really sorry but I am usually so busy, more often than not attending to patients when phone rings, or on emergency rescues, so cannot always pick up the telephone when it rings. This why I have provided callers with the opportunity to leave messages on 2 answerphones, 1 on my landline for non-urgent & 1 for urgent/emergencies on my mobile phone so that I can respond as soon as I am able to. Normally any messages left on my mobile are answered within minutes.
    23. /Loulabell
      Thank you Vicki for taking in two baby seagulls from our street in riverside. The first was too young and downy to survive and the second a few weeks later had broken a wing in its attempt to fledge. As many others have said, it's great to know that you are there and caring for the otherwise doomed wildlife trying to survive in the human world. I can't believe you do it alone! You give me faith xxxxxxx
    24. /Laura Jo
      Phoned vikki for advise on my garden hedgehog, he had been coughing and wheezing. What a quick response and within 2 hours I was dropping him off to her as she advised me he had lungworm, he is now in her care so fingers crossed he will recover as we miss his presence and knowing he's not in his house my garden don't feel the same, even though I feed many more they are part of our lives, I will make sure that I make regular donations to this center because of the amazing work they do and our help goes along way to help them care for all wildlife. Thanks again Vicki xx
    25. /Estelle
      Called Fauna on Sunday afternoon to see if they could help a baby pigeon I'd found - Vicki called me back within an hour and was so helpful, knowledgeable and keen to do all she could to help. I was on my way home from Carmarthenshire to Hampshire when I found the poor thing and Vicki even offered to meet me at a service station to collect him on my way :) As soon as we met she dived in to examine the little chap and immediately gave a summary of what she would be doing to help and gave me a card with his reference number so that I could keep track of how he is doing. Amazing charity - am so glad he is clearly in such good hands :)
    26. /sara
      Thank you so much for coming to pick up the injured pigeon I found. Your response was quick and helpful and I'm so happy to know that there are people out there helping these little animals.

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