Greenman Wildlife Care

Rescue Category: Multi-species Rescue

Rescue Details
Rescue Details
  • Listing Status: Active
    Address: 4 Coldharbour
    North Waltham
    RG25 2BH
    United Kingdom
    Phone Number: 01256 398223
    Secondary Phone Number: 07778 563048
    Species Helped:
    • Corvids
    • Foxes
    • Garden Birds
    • Hedgehogs
    • Mustelids
    • Voles
    • Waterfowl (Small)
  • Comments ( 8 )

    1. /Diane Rivens
      What can I say .. Rita and her daughter are AWESOME! Took in a young pigeon from me today and I am truly humbled by what they do. They nurture newly hatched birds to old birds too, hedgehogs, geese, ducks ... they truly care about all the animals in their care!GREAT JOB GIRLS !!! xxxxx
    2. /stephanie
      Spoke to Rita today and she advised and reassured my on a baby wood pigeon question. What a wonderful person. Thank you Rita 😀😀😀
    3. /Julie
      We are so grateful to Rita for her care and expertise. I called at 8.30 on a Sat. evening and she did not hesitate in encouraging me to immediately bring along the injured bird we had found. A wonderful generous lady.
    4. /Ness
      Called Rita first thing this morning and she was happy to take in an injured baby pigeon that had been taken from its nest straight away. While we were there someone else was dropping off a baby mouse. Lovely lady, please do give her a donation if you can, otherwise she is always in need of towels and blankets and cereal.Many thanks Rita.
    5. /Karen
      Rita and her daughter kindly took in three tiny finch hatchlings, without hesitation, on a Sunday afternoon in August. Her knowledge and dedication is second to none and I wish her and her beautiful daughter all the best with their continued success in looking after injured and orphaned animals & birds.
    6. /Tina
      I called Rita about a couple of hedgehogs that needed help during the winter. Wow what an amazing, knowledgeable and caring lady. Rita didn't even hesitate to offer to take them in.I took them round with some food that I had brought to help her out along with some towells that they desperately needed.Please help if you can with donations, blankets, towells, dog & cat food and cererals.Our 'In need' wildlife need special people such as Rita to help them survive, please help if you can x
    7. /Stephanie
      Brilliant! I called on a Sunday about a baby bird I'd got off a cat, brought the bird down to them within the hour and they were more than happy to take it and help. Need to set up a website/paypal account so people can donate to all the good work you do :) Thank you very much.
    8. /Katie Wenlock
      Thank goodness there are people in the world like Rita, such a lovely lady and the work she does is just wonderful. Giving injured and abandoned animals a 2nd chance in life and am very grateful to her for taking in a young Magpie last night which no doubt wouldn't have survived for long on its own - definitely needs a donation page or similar set up to help with food and blanket costs etc 8-)

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