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Swale Wildlife Rescue

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    1. /Miss F. Paige
      We found a baby herring gull on a flat roof which had fallen from the roof of our house. We managed to rescue it from the roof and placed it in our guinea pig's carry box.We gave it water and moist bread and one of the family looked after it overnight. The following day we contacted various organisations which we later discovered gave slightly wrong advice. We looked after the bird for a second night. Thankfully the following morning we struck lucky and contacted Swale Wildlife Rescue and spoke to Ingrid who gave us excellent advice about the bird's diet. Ingrid came to collect our bird that day. We contacted her at the end of the week and 'Rocky' (as we had named him) had doubled in size and Ingrid's husband had delivered him to a seabird centre in Hastings. We are so grateful to them both for their dedication to animals and are full of admiration for this wonderful rescue centre.
    2. /Miss Monroe
      I had a bird in my garden ALL day and was worried about it,had no idea who to contact so i googled and came up with this address online,rang the number and within the hour a lovely lady called Ingrid came and collected a baby "jackdaw".Excellent,speedy response and nice knowing that it does not matter what animal it is they can be helped.Many Thanks.

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