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    1. /Izzy
      What an amazing women,compassionate ,helpful and knows what she's doing with her animals.Will definitely take injured birds to her again.Lindsey we need more people like you!
    2. /Dave
      I have contacted the Burton Wildlife Rescue center on a number of occasions and always found them to be very caring and helpful. I have been to their sanctuary and the animals are well cared for. To help them out - and ease any concerns you may have following the reference mentioned earlier - I suggest you give them some food for the animals or a donation both when handing an animal over and regularly afterwards. Lindsay has dedicated her life to animals and birds and deserves all the respect, admiration and assistance she can get. Believe me - Lindsay and co are naturals with animals and provide a fantastic caring service. Please support them.
    3. /Carol
      Got in touch with Lindsey as I had found an injured wood pigeon, it was only a baby. May I say what a lovely and caring lady she is. I can rest easy knowing that the small pigeon is in good hands. Keep up the good work.Caroline Sims
    4. /Jen
      Really helpfull! My cat had injured a bird which was unable to fly, I called and a lady came within the hr! Very knowledgeable on the species of bird and advised of the treatment that she will offer (antibiotics to fight septicaemia). So releived that the bird is now safe away from other cats thanks to this service 🙂
    5. /yvette
      I cant tell you how many times Ive turned up on Lindsay's door step with injured birds, pigeons, phesants etc, sometimes what ive found but mostly what the cats bring in, she has always kept me updated on their progress as shes nursed them back to health again and again, and its lovely to hear when theyve fully recovered and have been released back into the wild. Before lindsay I didnt know what to do as there was no where else to take these helpless injured animals, I would put them in a box and they just died. Dont know what we'd do without her, Thanks Lindsay for all your help over the years and prob many more to come. Yvette & Deb x x
    6. /Sara bosanquet
      Called this rescue when I found a pigeon with a broken leg. Within an hour, the pigeon was safe and warm and is now living at the sanctuary as it cannot be released. Keep up the good work. Sara x
    7. /Heather
      Very kind and helpful young lady,On a few occasions when we have come across injured/sick wildlife, Lindsay has always taken them in when other organisations would not ,and gave them the second chance they deserve. With everything this lady has been through,no matter what she still stuck to helping animals when anyone else would have given up. Brilliant work x

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