Pigeon Recovery

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Pigeon Recovery

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    1. /Jay
      Tl;dr turn up and leave your pigeon in the hutchesCalled the number given a couple of times but there was no answer. When I checked the site, the site seemed to imply pigeons could be left at any time so I decided to take a gamble and drive the injured pigeon to the house and leave it there. Turned up and knocked on the door and there was no answer but we left the pigeon there anyway with contact details (as a sign on the hitch suggested we could do). Fyi the house is a bit hidden, there’s just a small gap in some hedges, but if you know it’s number 8 you’ll find it as number 10 is marked right next door. As we left the house, a neighbour overheard us saying we wished we knew the pigeon was going to be taken in who then told us that the people who live there are apparently a bit reclusive and don’t really answer the door but they were in because their van was parked outside. Apparently if you knock and leave the pigeon they will come and take it after they’re sure you’re gone. Got a text about 15 mins later thanking us for leaving he pigeon and that they had started to care for it. These people seem to really care about pigeons and I hope that the pigeon we dropped off makes a recovery! They say that they are strictly no kill so the bird will have a home forever if it can’t be set free again.

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