West Oxford Animal Rescue

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West Oxford Animal Rescue

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Directory listings which state they are 'owner verified' are managed by the rescue owner, giving a high level of confidence in the information provided. Those which are not (and therefore display the 'Claim Listing' button) are maintained by our volunteers using information gathered from the rescue or their website. In these cases, the information should be viewed as a guide only - please contact the rescue directly for verification. It's very helpful if you can leave feedback as to whether the information is correct.

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  • NB: You are viewing a directory entry. We rely on your feedback to keep the directory up to date. Please visit the feedback tab to let us know if the listing information is correct.

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    HelpWildlife (Sarah)

    Details updated at rescuer’s request June 2014. They confirm that they rescue wildlife as well as pets.

    Mrs C Sibbald

    I’m not sure if something has changed, but I called this rescue in the summer 2012 and the woman said she had stopped doing wildlife rescue.

    HelpWildlife (Sarah)

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve just checked their website and it says “We rescue ALL animals – mainly wild animals”. If anyone knows anything different for definite, please let us know.

    Mrs C Sibbald

    Yes, that conflicting information is why I phoned her last year and why I wanted to point it out. 🙂 She told me she really only does domestics now (7/2012) and would not take an ill bird that strayed into our garden. Note in the news section the last update is 2011, so I’m wondering if the website is out of date.