Blyth Wildlife Rescue provides advice on what to do if you find a sick, injured or abandoned wild bird or animal

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    1. /Bill Allison
      I found John Anderson,from the number given to me by my Son,after I rescued a Gull with a rifle pellet hole in it's wing,from my neighbour's bedroom,flapping about distressed. It had gotten into the house through an open garage adjoining door. This was nearly three years ago,John came at night,soon as he could,and took the bird away. After x-rays,and antibiotics,the bird healed,and he brought it back for me to recuperate it,before releasing it back into the fields where it came from. Since meeting John,it was clearly evident how devoted he and all his colleagues are to helping wildlife of all species. They are now trying to re-build after wicked scum broke in and released injured birds and animals into a frosty bitter cold night. If there are Angels on earth,they are John and his team!
    2. /Sal
      Phoned 31/7/14 but got answer phone message saying they were not taking in any wildlife casualties at the moment and to contact the local vet, who were not interested. Not sure why they cannot take wildlife in at the moment, I am sure they have a good reason.
    3. /Val Brown
      after finding a young hedghog in my garden in daylight , and on his back i was unsure what to do. but with the help of the internet i was able to look after it overnight. and rang John Anderson the next morning we agreed a meeting point and i handed the hedgehog over. i found John very helpful and he said i could ring him to see how the hedgehog was doing. i think people like him are just wonderful. thank you John.
    4. /Norma Wailes
      I contacted John Anderson after finding a seal pup stranded on Cambois beach, on Wednesday 10.08.11. He went out to find it, rang me for the location and found the seal. He said he was going to try and find someone who could take care of it for a few days as it seemed exhausted. I was glad there was someone I could ring in this situation.

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