Ryedale Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

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Ryedale Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

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    1. /Christine
      We took our baby tawny owl a as we unfortunately didn't have the time needed to give it the care it needed, the lady was very helpful and we happy that we contacted her thank you very much for taking it into your care
    2. /Lord Flasheart
      So helpful in taking in two orphan baby Robins that had been found by our cat, when no other centre could take them. Really valuable resource for abandoned or poorly birds
    3. /Stearsbygirl
      Amazing place - they are looking after our buzzard we picked up in Thirsk and he's doing well thanks to them and their amazing vets x
    4. /Zebedee
      Excellent response and took in our very small hedgehog when other centres were unable to help.
    5. /Margy Scorer
      Contact very useful as I found a very small Tawny Owl and would have struggled to keep it warm and fed over 24hours. Was worried I shouldn't have touched the bird but Jean in Norton had another bigger one found in the same area a few days earlier,and so we felt reassured that our little bird would be better off with her than beside a busy dog walking track. Many thanks. Found details on the web very easily and could deliver the owl immediately
    6. /Sarah Trueman
      A wonderful rehabilitation team who have helped us on numerous occasions over the years, including providing help to sick hedgehogs & injured poultry. They have also offered advice and assistance over the phone. many thanks

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