Withington Hedgehog Hospital

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Withington Hedgehog Hospital

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    1. /sueandrob
      thank goodness for this small charity - we found a little hedgehog last night (25 November - a cold frosty night) - it was eating from the food we leave out for the foxes, but seemed much too small to be out there. we found this charity online - thankfully fairly near to home - we rang and were delighted that anyone would answer so late at night (10.30pm). advised to catch the hedgehog and get him/her over to be taken care of. we eventually arrived in Withington around 11.30pm - who'd have thought someone would be so caring as to accept a 'new arrival' at such a time? like previous reviewer, please remember to make a donation - this is essential for them to keep on doing this fantastic work. we left some money and we're going to make a monthly d/d payment. it feels so much better to donate to a small charity than to some of the big ones, since all the funds go to the work, which is done voluntarily. thanks wendy (the volunteer we met) and to Barbara whose charity it is.
    2. /kategrew
      I took a hedgehog to Barbara this week (Nov 16), one visiting my garden who is too small to hibernate. I called a number of centres before coming across Barbara's number and she was the only one to answer the phone. What a lovely caring lady, i'm sure my hog is in very good hands. I was disappointed to learn I could not go back and collect Hillary hog in spring and bring her back here, she will go to a conservation project - which i fully support and understand. Barbara also cautioned me against trying to over-winter a hog myself - advising you really need to know what you are doing. Sadly I don't - but i'm glad I managed to do a little. Thanks to all on this page who mentioned about leading a donation - without reading the comments, and thus being prompted, I fear I may have totally forgotten to think of doing so in all the hedgehog rescue excitement.
    3. /Minty5490
      We seen from our car a hedgehog being peaked by a crow in the middle of a school playfield. We shouted at the crow and it scared it off, but when I turned the car around and had phoned the hospital. Barbara at the hospital said if it out in the day, it's sick, but the crow peaking at it is not right. It had gone, by the time we went back. The next day, we went back again and at the same time. This time I got him, wrapped him in my car blanket and shopping bag for life (always handy to have in the car) and his leg was bleeding. Barbara said, it's a boy, an injured leg, a little thin, and dehydrated. Lucky I was passing again, Barabara looks after the hedgehogs on her own. So, I gave an donation. What a dedicated lady, fantastic person with great advice. Keep it up.
    4. /kerry
      My girls and l took a poorly baby hedgehog to Barbara today. What a wonderful woman doing a wonderful job. We were in such a rush to take it to her that l didn't stop and get any money to donate but we shall visit again to drop some money off and see how our hedgehog is doing. Thanks so much Barbara x
    5. /Claire
      Our hedgehog with the bad leg is now on his or her way to the vets at Lancaster. I certainly didn';t think that you would have contacts up here who could help us, we were envisaging a trip to Manchester. Thanks you so much! Best wishes.
    6. /Wendy Ann Gibson
      Withington Hedgehog Care Trust has appreciated donations sent to us but we are on this websites directory but are a stand alone charity which has been very kindly pointed out to us by help wildlife. We do really appreciate their honesty but if you want to donate to Withington Hedgehog Care Trust we have a facebook page or our Address is 91 Parsonage Road, Withington, Manchester. M20 4NU. Any donations make payable to Withington Hedgehog Care Trust. Thank you on behalf of the hedgehogs
    7. /Catherine
      Found a hedgehog wandering and staggering at lunch time today. Made a call to Barbara who said to bring it over. So nice to know she is always willing to open her door to these creatures. Thank you
    8. /Amanda
      We found a hedgehog in the drive by our front door this morning looking a little lost and scared. I found this website and phoned Barbara who asked if we could bring the hedgehog to her which we did. She does a great job and cares for so many animals. I felt safe in the knowledge that this little one would be very well looked after.
    9. /Maggie
      I took a hedgehog to Barbara today. We normally leave them alone in our garden to keep our veggies safe from slugs and snails, but one appeared this morning in a bad way - flies and wasps all over it. If he stands a chance I am sure he is in the best place. I left a donation as he will need antibiotics and could be there until next spring now.
    10. /Jill
      We found a young hedgehog that was obviously lost but it seemed perky, bright eyed and was eating some meaty cat food so we, mistakenly, thought we may be able to help it ourselves (after being around all sorts of animals for years). It seemed fine until noon the next day when it had diahorrea. I took it to Barbara who said it's behaviour actually meant it was very sick. Please learn from our mistake and take any injured hedgehog (or other wild animal, for that matter), as quickly as you can to a proper rescue. We have our fingers crossed our little hoglet will pull through but he would have had a better chance if we had taken him straight away.
    11. /Pete & jen
      We found a female hedgehog and 2 babies in severe distress,we took them to this lady,she will get them back to good health.she is a diamond,very caring and wonderful woman god bless her and help her through her own health problems.
    12. /Marion & Nicky
      After finding a baby hoglet with a broken leg my daughter and I visited this lady who shows great dedication and care to her little charges even though not very well herself. A true animal lover. (we did leave a small donation in gratitude of her help as we would not have known how to start to help this poor little creature)
    13. /Bev
      We found a hedgehog under our stairs late at night, no idea how she got there. A lovely lady came round, despite it being so late on a Sunday. Not sure what we would of done without great people like this to help.
    14. /JOHN
      Found a hedgehog on a path on a golf course in early afternoon , looked a bit lost and none to healthy , wrapped it up my golf towel and gave it a lift home.Took it to this guardian angel of hedgehogs [ 5 star hotel ] where it's making a full recovery The world would be a better place if there were more people like her around , keep up the great work.
      • /HelpWildlife
        The world would be a better place if there were more like you too, John. Thank you for taking the time to help the hedgie and to leave feedback here too 🙂
    15. /Brenda
      We took an injured young hedgehog to the hospital at 9.30 pm and found the lady there very dedicated and helpful. She advised us to look out for his siblings as he was so young and wouldn't survive the winter. It is brilliant that people like Barbara are around to do such a good job to rescue these lovely endangered creatures.
    16. /Pauline Cunliffe
      i phoned this hospital today re a very poorly hedgehog in my garden , the lady i spoke to was very friendly and helpful , she asked if i could possibly get the hedgehog to the hospital ( which i was happy to do) she told me that the hedgehog would be taken care of then relocated . ps i didnt think of leaving a donation WISH I HAD !!!!
    17. /Glen Smith
      I had to visit the hospital last week, due to a hedgehog found wandering in the road, in broad daylight(even I knew this wrong) and the lady took the hedgehog off me, and said she would look after her.She gave me advice on what the hospital did, and it is a very worthwhile cause,thanks for your help. PS, I did give a donation !.
    18. /Caroline Clarke
      I visited the Withington Hedgehog Hospital today looking for advice about a hedgehog found in our garden this morning. The lady in charge was really helpful and gave me some great advice about hedgehog behaviour and how to support the hedgehog population in our garden.

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