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    1. /Christina Hurford
      What a nice lady Angela is!! We took little Marathon there today, he's a very small hedgehog that we found wandering near his dead mother. Angela took him with no hesitation and popped him in his heated box with lots of nice food - I am happy that he will now get expert care and hopefully soon be on the road to recovery. He wont be released until next year (hope the release will be in our garden 🙂 at the moment he only weighs 60g but I will make sure that I ring to see how he is progressing. The sanctuary is fantastic with a little garden designed especially with hedgehogs in mind, an area where they are safe to roam around - a must see!!
    2. /Carole and Steve
      Angela has a brilliant set up for sick and injured hogs and hoglets. We took a baby there yesterday. She is very knowledgeable and has lots of experience. Highly recommended.

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