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    1. /Bev
      I had a injured pigeon that so much wanted to live I took it to graham he was so nice he's going to give it the best chance of survival. I was so amazed these animals had so much love for graham the little donkey was the cutest little thing I ever seen. Well done graham and keep up your good work
    2. /John & moe
      Found baby blackbird injured by a cat phoned Graham asked us to bring it to him and he duly took it off us to look after thanks Graham top man
    3. /sarah
      Our cat this evening brought in a very young bird, only a few days old. Poor thing was still alive after an hour so I gave Graham a call. Without hesitation, he told me to bring it over and he would do his best. Unfortunately birdie died on the drive over there. At least i tried, and made the effort and had somewhere to take it. Thank you Graham for offering to help, the relief to hear someone say that they can help is actually overwhelming. Thank you. The cat now has another bell added to its collar.
    4. /Nickname ( required )
      Please note 24 Worcester Road SHENSTONE Kidderminster is not the location for this organisation. Please use your satnav and follow the correct postcode. THANKS.
    5. /Sue
      Contacted Graham about a baby crow (that we named Charlie) that had fallen from a huge oak tree outside our workplace. What a smart bird he seemed to be, except for the fact that he thought he was Superman and could fly without wings. We contacted Graham as a last hope. Graham was great and said he could help straight away and then took Charlie in to join another baby crow he is caring for. We initially thought Charlie was injured from his fall but it turned out that he was ok & had just left the nest about 4 weeks early. Graham told us he would not have survived the night if he had been left. Thank you so much Graham! For anyone who cares about wildlife, you turn that horrible heart sinking feeling into one of hope, you are a special kind of man.
    6. /Mr O'Connell
      Rescued a baby blue tit from the cats jaws this evening, unable to return it to its tree where we think the nest was so was stuck with what to do! One phone call later after finding Graham on the net the little chick now has a second chance as without any hesitation Graham will do what he can for the poor thing....Graham your a star....keep up the great work!
    7. /@StaffieSquadron
      Graham is a top man, called him about a fledgling sparrow, most know the drill “leave them to it” - bird was clearly injured and poorly. This man is different. All life is of value to him. Unfortunately by the time I got said little birdie there it was too late, but the clear intention was there: Bring it here, I’ll do all I can for any animal. Will be the first number I call in future for any struggling wildlife I encounter.
    8. /Elle jones
      A baby pigeon flew into the window, and we didn’t know where to turn from there. We looked on lines, but we’re told about how some charities can’t be bothered to help them so took their lives. But luckily, we come across this website, found graham on ther. He is such a nice man who took it in and helped it. thank you graham for all the kind work you do and never turn down a poor helpless and defensless animal
    9. /Alanna beer
      Baby hedgehog cold & hungry, thank god for Graham!!
    10. /Linda Willis
      Graham was so helpful last night my hubby found a young wood pigeon looking battered and shivering in the wind and heavy rain , we took him in over night and was due to take him to Graham today but this morning the bird looked more alert and we had a gut feeling to see if he could fly. We took him back where we found him up the top of our garden and within seconds a adult bird came down and with much fussing of its baby and rubbing of its head , the baby was flaring its wings you could feel the parent/bird love...I can honestly say it was one of life’s touching moments and I will never forget it , thank you Graham for your calm sound advice carry on the good work XXX Linda
    11. /Joanne Baker
      We found a young dove in Kidderminster town today.we thought he had broken wing.he was on the ground shivering in the rain .we found graham on the internet and took him straight round. He looked him over and thankfully the wings not broken.he just needs food and looking after till he gets his strength back. So glad graham could help and the little doves gona be OK. Thank you for the great work you do graham.
    12. /Soo Thomas
      Our one cat had caught a baby pigeon, poor little thing was unhurt luckily, and a phone call and visit to Graham left us feeling safe in the knowlwedge that it would be well cared for. We were even encouraged to call whenever, to see how it was doing! Thank you!
    13. /Dawn
      I have just taken two baby swallows to Graham today and he is such a kind man, he will not let them go until they can fly and get food for themselves, we need more people like Graham, because without him I had no where else to turn , Thank you so very much,for your help and kindness.
    14. /Caron
      A week old duckling taken to Graham late on a Sunday evening after being removed for a cats mouth. Response was excellent & it’s now in good hands & will be released when old enough. Nice to see there are still people who care. Thank you.

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