Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue is a charity run advice website which is part of the Starlight Trust

Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue

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    Very helpful when I found a young hedgehog out during the day took it to them they said far too small to be out on its own will take it in and keep it for the winter release next spring


    Hi Tonia and John,
    Thank you so much for taking in the little baby hedgehog “Hettie” that I found in my garden. I was so impressed with the sanctuary! The hedgehog ward was amazing. So clean, so warm and and full of love.
    You two look after them with such attention! (the N.H.S could learn alot from you). THANK YOU SO MUCH.


    Hi John Thank you so much for your advise and for taking in the baby hedgehog we found last night. We know we brought it to the right place and that it will get great proffessional care. Lovely to meet you and the animals and Pikey.

    a spurdens

    many thanks for your advice and help late last night and a big than you for taking in George the baby hedgehog , we feel we have done the best for him and now he is in safe hands. please advise on his condition, many thanks Alan & Val.

    Ruth Bond

    This organisation is still active, very friendly. They took in an injured hedgehog at 8.10pm.