Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital

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Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital

Directory listings which state they are 'owner verified' are managed by the rescue owner, giving a high level of confidence in the information provided. Those which are not (and therefore display the 'Claim Listing' button) are maintained by our volunteers using information gathered from the rescue or their website. In these cases, the information should be viewed as a guide only - please contact the rescue directly for verification. It's very helpful if you can leave feedback as to whether the information is correct.

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  • NB: You are viewing a directory entry. We rely on your feedback to keep the directory up to date. Please visit the feedback tab to let us know if the listing information is correct.

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    I took a tiny mouse to leics wildlife hospital in Kibworth yesterday morning and was hoping to get an update, but no one is answering the phone! I was ringing most of Sunday afternoon/evening too when it was first found because I needed advice. I appreciate that everyone must be really busy there but I’d love to actually be able to get through to someone on the phone!

    HelpWildlife (Sarah)

    It can be difficult for rescues to find time to answer the phone during the orphan season unfortunately as they may have baby birds needing feeding every 15 minutes. For a non-urgent query like a patient update, it might be best to send an email.


    after working my way through the local wildlife rescues with no answer, while being on hold to rspca for an hour and 20 mins with no answer i got through to Angela, bless her she had great advice and i did what she said, fingers crossed , little baby bunny is ok til morning and i can get him to a vet x


    My first contact with Angela was by telephone. We had an aviary bird in our garden and were quite worried it would be mobbed by crows etc. we took the bird to the wildlife hospital and were very impressed with their help and knowledge of the bird. We felt very reassured we were leaving him/her in good hands.

    morag palmer

    First impression on the telephone was wonderful, really lovely lady who was willing to take an injured bird that we have been tending for 6 days, but we are not at a loss as to what to do next, so this was a great relief to know that someone was there to help.