London Wildlife Protection (REMOVED) provides free advice on humane, holistic pest control methods

London Wildlife Protection (REMOVED)

Reason for RemovalNegative feedback

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  1. /concerned
    i know they mean well but i think people should know that these people dont believe in putting animals to sleep even if they are suffering.
  2. /Zoe
    Excellent they came straight away to rescue a pigeon with a broken wing and didn’t care that it wasn’t a more ‘glamourous’ animal. They cared very much that the bird be saved and was safe. Was so nice to know he wasn’t going to be left to die and someone wanted to help him.
  3. /paula
    thank you so much for your help with three baby sparrows:) great job
  4. /Andrea
    These people are not a rescue they just collect animals and dump them on actual rescues often in poor condition. I would not recommend them.
  5. /guest
    disorganized and unreliable group of people.
  6. /guest
    birds that have been trapped behind netting,left for weeks,despite reporting to london wildlife protection.very disapointing.
  7. /Andrea
    Quick response, they seem very interesting in the welfare of the animals
  8. /concerned
    further to my previous comment i have now seen evidence of the owner of this rescue threatening another rescuer with violence. i do still believe they are well intentioned as far as the animals are concerned but frankly i think they have issues and are dangerous.
    • /alza
      Please report your concerns to RSPCA. There are several concerns about this organisation.
  9. /K.B
    This organisation is run okay alittle disorganised due to being mostly volenteers, but they are by far the most caring and best rescue for wildlife that ive ever encountered. They are pro life and they wont put a animal down UNLESS its suffering long term, you wont see any vets or the RSPCA doing this for animals on barely any money at all as it's not publicised and runs on donations. i run a small rescue and i can safely say these guys are great, and deserve much more appreciation for their hardwork.

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