Pigeon Rescue Team (Removed)

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Pigeon Rescue Team (Removed)

Listing Status Removed (Last Modified [last-modified])
Location London

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Comments ( 26 )

  1. / Philippine
    I rescued a little bird today on a big busy street in central London, and I didnt know how to help him so I called Help Wildlife, who sent within the next 2 hours a rescuer to my door to pick up the bird and bring it to the hospital. I think they are doing a great job, I think it is very important to bring help to the wildlife of the big cities, without this wildlife among us, cities would have definitely got rid of their soul.
  2. / Mantas
    Its important that cities would adapt to wildlife , were not the only ones here! Plus really great people they came fast and took my little poor injured pigeon to care , i found him all frozen outside and seemed to have injuries , i couldnt help him any way , but they gave me faith , everything will be okay now.. phew... : )))
  3. / Maya
    We called after my relative spotted an injured pigeon lying on the pavement underneath a large bridge ( this is freezing mid january by the way) and they had a team out there in under 45 mins-1hour. Lets hope they nurse him back to health!!
  4. / Louisa
    Thank you for your response and collection of pigeon under an hour today from central london. Whether he makes it, I dont know, but its better than being eaten by a fox tonight!
  5. / Andrew
    Very Helpful and quick response - a volunteer arrived within 10 mins.
  6. / Lyndsey
    Just to say... Thank you was amazed when we found this listing and what an amazing service! One badly beaten pigeon ( by a cat) rescued and collected safely... And my two daughters delighted that the pigeon was rescued and will be cared for!
  7. / Jerome
    Found an injured pigeon in the street, put it in a box and called and somebody came to collect it within 90 minutes. Poor little thing was so scared. Glad he will get help.
  8. / Michelle
    I want to say thank you so much. After my phone call, they came very quickly. They really care about these little lives. Hope your work will be easier and hope the baby pigeon will be fine. I admire you. :)
  9. / Angie
    Honestly, these are a small independent group that are funded by private individual donations. I called them up after I took in a pigeon that had been hit by a car and left for dead lying on its back for several hours until I rescued it. I kept the pigeon for a day and tried to feed it myself but realised his legs were broken and he wouldn't survive without proper medical attention, to which I called helpwildlife, and within 2 hours a volunteer had arrived at my door and took away the little fella to treat him. It surprises me how these people care so much for little lives, because at the end of the day all lives matter. Please donate through their facebook page. Every little contribution helps. I had tried several Vets before I tried this organisation, and they all rejected the pigeon apart from these. Keep doing what you're doing I am so happy to know that you're saving these little lives! Thank you!!
  10. / Nickname ( required )
    Thank you for coming immediately to the assistance of a handsome car-damaged pigeon in Portobello Rd, Notting Hill. What a highly organised exemplary and efficient service - confidence is restored in my fellow man! Monica Ogle
  11. / Andy
    I called them because I find a injured pigeon! One of they volunteer came 2 hours later to collect it! Made my kids happy knowing it will get professional care! It's good to know some charities care about pigeons! Every life matter!!! Thank you again, you doing a Great Job guys!????
  12. / Jana
    Hi! I called them yesterday because I found a baby pigeon injured and the came to rescue him in just half an hour. I really want to say thanks to the whole team, I think that is amazing the job you are doing, thanks so much!!!
  13. / sarah
    Fantastic organisation, my young daughter found a baby pigeon that had fallen out of its nest and was injured. We called the number and they located a wonderful lady who lived round the corner who took the pigeon
  14. / Anne
    margaretwinwood@outlook.com I arrived back today to find a pigeon and a cat on my windowsill (I live in a basement flat in West London). The cat scarpered but the poor bird just sat there. I have a bit of a fear of birds and I didn't know what to do as my partner, who usually deals with things like this, is away. I Googled Pigeon Rescue and found this site and telephone number. The gentleman was so helpful, told me what to do, how to get the injured bird into a box and that someone would contact me later. I have just handed over the bird to the volunteer who contacted me. So helpful. Thank you.
  15. / Laura
    Thank you sooo much for your help! You showed up within the hour to my door to collect the poor bird. i'll be donating, I know you operate on donations only, it's sweet to know you care for these little lives :)
  16. / Jodie
    The first number listed (07947 475147) did not work but the second number did. The lady who answered gave me the name and number of a local volunteer. I spoke to him at 9am and he was calling someone else on my behalf who was going to ring me and he was also going to text me her number. I never recieved her number despite several more calls and promises and she did not call me. In the end the number for the volunteer was going to voicemail and so in the end , early afternoon, I called the RSPCA who came to collect the severely injured Pigeon but said it was unlikely it would make it. It appreciate the hard work the volunteers do but can't help but feel it would have been better to have been told in the morning that there was no-one available to help than keep the poor bird in a box all day, trying to get a hold of someone.
  17. / Becky
    This team was excellent .. I found a baby bird he was attacked I think, they came a few hours .. Nice to know people care ... I wish them all the luck and hope people donate to them so they can continue with the good work ... Thank you guys!!!
  18. / Conrad
    We found a 10-15 day old pigeon on our staircase today. It must have fallen from its nest, which was inaccessible. After keeping it warm inside for a few hours, I called the (second) number above, and within a short while, I had arranged to bring the little creature to a volunteer at a nearby train station. Organisations like this give me renewed faith in humanity. Thank you for your work.
  19. / Ash
    Thank you so much to Emma at Pigeon Rescue Team. I found a baby collared dove in my garden whilst the weather was very cold and windy. I observed it at first to see if it was ok to be left to it's parents to feed it, but the parents were not feeding it often enough and it just sat very still in one corner of the garden in the cold, so I brought it indoors to keep it warm and feed it. The baby was not taking food from me no matter which way I tried. (I tried the bag feeding method and the cut-off syringe method) but the poor little guy was very weak and simply not eating very much. Finally after two days of keeping him indoors and trying to feed him, he started to become weaker, so I called the second number above (as the first one didnt work) and a very lovely (I think French) sounding lady (Emma) answers the phone and sends a message out for a local volunteer to collect the baby dove from me within the hour. Im very impressed with how quickly Margret from Acton came to my house to collect the dove and get it to Emma quickly. From speaking to Emma, she is very experienced and could tell that the baby dove was very weak from not eating properly. Im so glad that he is in her care now and that she will be able to feed him properly and care for him until he is old enough to be released. God bless Emma and the team at Pigeon Rescue. May He reward you with eternal paradise in the hereafter.
  20. / Ric
    Very helpful and kind people. I could not believe there was someone out there who cared for pigeons when most people consider them pests and a nuisance. Unfortunately in my case the pigeon died before the volunteer could arrive but just knowing there was someone willing to help when I did not even know what to do was very comforting. If you can, please donate. These people deserve it.
  21. / Claudine
    I am really fed up and disappointed. Found baby pigeons and called your number. Was asked to catch them and keep for collection. 5 hours later and no one has helped. I have one baby pigeon in a box and no idea how to keep it alive. I was told not to feed it, as it will be given medicine... i have made around 10 calls to two numbers and left many text messages. Ive also has a row with a young woman who I'm sure is doing her best but is unable to give advice or practical help. What's the point? Better to have left the poor creatures alone in the first place. It's now 10.20 pm. I have left the bird in a box outside my door in case someone collects during the night. If an organisation encourages people to intervene when they see a wild animal in trouble they should be able to follow through - otherwise it does more harm than good.
    • / HelpWildlife (Sarah)
      Claudine I have emailed you. Please bring the birds inside so they are safe and let us know where you are so we can find you some help Sarah
  22. / Lucy
    Just took a pigeon to a volunteers! Great and quick even on a bank holiday sunday night!! Glad someones looking out for the little guys!
  23. / Alice
    What a really great service! I texted at 10:45pm today and was straight away put in touch with a pigeon rescuer in Enfield who has kindly agreed to take my badly injured pigeon if she survives the night. I could have taken her tonight even though it's late and the baby seems comfortable or dying, not sure which.
  24. / Chris
    I have attempted to contact this helpline on a few occasions with no luck. Received contact via text over 36 hours ago but the pigeon remains in our care. Is this service still running?
  25. / J
    Found a pigeon that was very ill at 2am and took him home. Called the second number and had an immediate response. These people do a fantastic job, not only do they give great advice and help, they were very supportive when the bird didn't make it through the night. Thank you for caring so much about these little animals.

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