Rangers Lodge Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre (Removed)

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Rangers Lodge Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre (Removed)

Listing Status Removed (rescue appears to have closed) (Last Modified [last-modified])
Location Colgate, West Sussex

For alternatives in the same area please see other rescues in West Sussex or put your postcode into our map.

HelpWildlife.co.uk provides a directory of individuals and organisations in the UK who can assist with wildlife casualties. You are viewing the directory entry for Rangers Lodge Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre which is no longer live. If you have any information to suggest this listing should be reinstated please leave a comment below.

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  1. / claire Beswetherick
    Thank you so much for coming out to collect the hedghog ,we named him Henry,that we found wondering around our garden at 4.30pm on Thursday afternoon 5th July 2012,he had no right eye and a lame right foot,we were so gratefull to you.I will be sending you money for upkeep.Claire and Holly:-D
  2. / Mrs C Johnson
    Thank you for taking our friend the Pigeon, we look forward to having him back in our garden once again.
  3. / Mrs. B
    Glad I found this site. I had a young feral pigeon in the garden,unable to fly. Thought the local wildlife rescue might reject it as ' only a pigeon,not worth bothering with'. This wasn't at all the case,the lady was happy to take it in,and after an interesting few minutes of 'first,catch your pigeon', it was safely in a cardboard box for a short road trip. The lady quickly diagnosed that it was a young bird,probably exhausted by the freezing weather and nothing more,and took it to join two other pigeons she had. Excellent service,and one young bird saved from being another bird or cat's dinner.
  4. / Deborah H
    What a find! today, a hedgehog just ambled thorough my garden and collapsed on the lawn, he didn';t look long for this world but I thought it might be dehydration as it's a very hot day today (thank god the sun is eventually shining) he also had a damaged snout, so I'm sure that's not helping. In any case, within 10 mins I'd found the contact for Jane at Cowfold and bundled said hotchy up in a box, still with us when I left him, having ticks removed and going to be hydrated and treated to some antibiotics. Keeping my fingers crossed that he will survive and will then be let free from my garden again. Thanks Jane!
  5. / Elyse
    We found two very small baby birds that must have fell from a near by tree, we did look but could not find the nest. We were very worried as they were very hungry and had nothing to feed them and it was bank holiday Monday and have no car so was unable to drive them any where. But after a phone call to Jane she sent someone to collect them and they arrived with in 10 minuets I was so pleased and so were my kids who were very worried about finding them a good home and someone who was very kind to look after them so thank you so much Jane and the lovely lady who came to collect :-)
  6. / Tracey elston
    Took a baby squab to Jane at 10pm on a dark, wet and windy night. She was so kind and took him straight in. Good to know you're there for future wildlife needing your care.
  7. / Cheryl Brown
    Took a baby mouse here yesterday after rescuing it from one of my cat's mouths! Was very shaken but seemed to be uninjured. Thanks for taking it in and looking after it until it is big enough to survive on its own.
  8. / Irene Carrington
    Our neighbour disturbed a hedgehogs nest and asked us if we could put mother and three hoglets in our garden as their dog had unearthed them. We placed them in a safe position making sure not to touch them. Unfortunately the mother went off and we were worried she would not return. I decided to google what to do and came across this web-site I rang Jane in Horsham who gave us good advise we took the babies and my husband managed to find the mother and we took them to Janes she was brilliant she cleaned the babies weighed one of them and she did say they were a little injured, she weighed mum and put her straight in the incubator and then placed the babies in there and she then placed a cloth over them. Jane said the babies were cold they probably wouldn't of survived the night as the temperature was falling this evening. We don't know if they will make it but we are really hoping they do. What a wonderful organisation Jane did not hesitate she said yes bring them here and it was a Saturday evening I think it marvellous the job she is doing. We we will be in touch and we hope they survive. Thank you again Jane.
  9. / Karen Gibson-Hylands
    Found a blue tit on the pavement, not moving and appeared to be dead. I picked it up to put it over the fence to save anyone treading on it. It then suddenly moved its legs and I realised it was still alive - just! I couldn't see any sign of a nest so I took it home. It didn';t move so I thought it was dead, but I gave it some water dripped off the end of my finger on to its beak. It came to life and flapped its wings. I called Jane Burrows and took the little bird to her. She immediately took care of it and put it with other rescued blue tits. I hope it will survive, such a beautiful little bird. Thanks so much to Jane for taking care of it.
  10. / Helen C
    Came home to find an injured crow in my garden. Rang and spoke to Jane who was very helpful. Within an hour and a half a lovely chap arrived and caught him, looks like his wing had been cut. Has now been taken away to rehabilitate. Thank you.

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