Directory Listing: Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary provides a directory of around 400 wildlife rescues in the UK who can help with wildlife casualties

Directory Listing: Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary

Listing StatusLive (Last Modified Apr 18, 2018 @ 17:17)
LocationStonehouse Chapel, Bildershaw, West Auckland, Durham, DL14 9PL
Species HelpedAll wildlife
Other InformationNo kill policy and only euthanise on vets advice

Contact Information for Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary

Phone Number01388 834996

NB: Do NOT email for help with a casualty as emails may not be checked very often provides a directory of individuals and organisations in the UK who can assist with wildlife casualties. You are viewing the directory entry for Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary. Please note – a listing on this site is not an endorsement. You are strongly advised to check the policies of each listing before surrendering an animal to them, especially if it is of a species some might misguidedly consider “vermin” eg pigeon, squirrel, mouse or rat.

Comments ( 4 )

  1. /Marjorie
    Thank you very much for taking in the baby dove that I found, you have been very helpful and welcomed us really well
  2. /John
    Hello,I rang you Monday afternoon regarding a Bullfinch that had flew into my window,the bird I think was very shook up and just laid at first but then managed to get up, I was about to put it in a box with some water and seed , on walking over to the bird he flew away ,very pleased he was ok and thanks very much for your help.kind regards John.
  3. /Kevin
    thanks for the kind comments we help were we can but its increasingly difficult to be at the end of the phone constantly with so many animals to see to please bare with us as we do our best here
  4. /Janine
    I cannot thsnk the Kay's animal sanctuary enough this week when we had a injured Fox in our garden.. they came out with no hesitation to catch and take him to the vet's.. i would ask everyone to donate something to help these people carry on the fantastic work they do..

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