Exmouth Wildcare (REMOVED)

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Exmouth Wildcare (REMOVED)

Reason for RemovalRescue is no longer operating

For alternatives in the same area please see other rescues in Devon or put your postcode into our map.

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Comments ( 6 )

  1. /Rash
    Very helpful guy, check out his Facebook page. He dopes a lot of good work. he took in an injured Blackbird I found, for which I am very grateful.
  2. /Peter
    Great young guy. Very helpful and knows his stuff. He took an injured Bat from me without question. This guy needs support and deserves it.
  3. /Karen
    Sven also took an injured bat I found which I had no idea what to do with. I did originally call the Devon Bat Group and I'm still waiting to hear from them! Keep up the good work Sven.
  4. /Liuba
    Sven was really friendly when I called him on Sat re an injured pigeon and he was ready to pick it up. Unfortunately, the pigeon passed away before we could do anything but the responsiveness appreciated! Thank you!
  5. /Phil
    Sven was very helpful and agreed to take in a young blackbird that had fallen out of its nest in our Torquay garden. It was certainly worth the Trip to Exmouth. He is doing a great job for animal welfare which is very much appreciated !
  6. /Tony
    Had a poorly pigeon in my garden which was too week to fly away; Sven came and collected it within an hour of my phone call. He is going to let me know how it responds to treatment and will return to set it free when its recovered. He said he had quite a few pigeons and seagulls under his care at the moment. Good to have such a caring person about, well done Sven, thanks very much for your help and all you do for our wildlife.

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