Directory Listing: Hallswood Animal Sanctuary provides advice on what to do if you find a sick, injured or abandoned wild bird or animal

Directory Listing: Hallswood Animal Sanctuary

Listing StatusLive (Last Modified Apr 15, 2018 @ 11:38)
Location177 Drayton Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 2AA
Species HelpedAll wildlife
Other InformationNo kill policy and will never turn away an injured or sick animal of any kind. Available 24/7.

Contact Information for Hallswood Animal Sanctuary

Phone Number01603 927465/07549 991920

NB: Do NOT email for help with a casualty as emails may not be checked very often provides a directory of individuals and organisations in the UK who can assist with wildlife casualties. You are viewing the directory entry for Hallswood Animal Sanctuary. Please note – a listing on this site is not an endorsement. You are strongly advised to check the policies of each listing before surrendering an animal to them, especially if it is of a species some might misguidedly consider “vermin” eg pigeon, squirrel, mouse or rat.

Comments ( 9 )

    Thanks so much for taking care of the hedgehog that was stuck in our watering can, it was nice to get a text back saying how he was doing. Letting us know he was healthy, that he was a boy and that you will be keeping him for a couple of days then letting him back into the wildlife. I've got a great feeling he has been taken care of and that he's happy were he is. I would highly recomend you to anyone and for any animal. Thanks again Jade. x 11 years young:)
  2. /Sarah
    Dropped off a fledgling pigeon, which had wandered into our house. It was received as if it were a rarity, rather than the 3rd pigeon she'd been given that day! Any wild animal or bird would be made welcome and looked after. She was clearly knowledgable and obviously cared about whatever wildlife arrived at her door.
  3. /Stuart
    Thanks for your help when u caught the fox from the car park in norwich I do hope he will be ok as u no we called it bob stuart and all starfish at river side
  4. /Maria Thornberg
    Update web address as our new one is address but ONLY for general enquiries not animal emergencies.
    • /HelpWildlife
      Updated for you, thanks :)
  5. /Jackie
    Brilliant. Nice to talk to someone who sounded as if they really cared. I know ideally you should leave baby birds for parents to collect but sometimes it is just not feasible. My instincts were right and woodpecker had broken leg. Liz is now looking after him/her. Many Thanks Jackie
  6. /Max
    Called Hallswood yesterday to ask how to help a woodpigeon which had hit our back window, and although not answered straight away, when Liz did call back from there, she seemed to know exactly what to do, and was very helpful and reassuring. Even though I thought the pigeon almost certainly wouldn't make it at that point, she knowing better, disagreed and helped me and my mum to look after the pigeon that night, and agreed we could take them to her this morning. We did that, and on arriving I had very little doubt that Liz knows exactly what she is doing, and that the pigeon hopefully should recover, at least enough to live happily and possibly they might be able to fly again! Definitely better than having them euthanized by the vets (I don't know for certain that's what the vets would have done if I had taken the pigeon there, but it seemed likely). Thanks so so much, and keep up the awesome work!!
  7. /Dolly
    Thank you so much for collecting a injured Blackbird tonight from my garden, what a relief to find your Sanctuary and someone to help, Many thanks , I will be dropping off a donation for such kindness , many thanks .Donna
  8. /kate
    Thank you so much Liz for coming to collect 5 wren chicks that had been abandoned .Unfortunately 2 died but you will give the other 3 a fighting chance . I will be making a donation as the work you and your team do is priceless. Thanks again .Kate

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