Raven Haven (REMOVED)

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Raven Haven (REMOVED)

Location Crowthorne
Reason for Removal Rescue is no longer operating

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Comments ( 6 )

  1. / Rob Lang
    Phoned Steve one evening when a bird knocked itself senseless flying into a glass pane. Steve calmly told me what to do, which was invaluable as the Mrs was going nuts with worry. Gladly, the bird flew off (as Steve suggested it might) so I didn't need to take bird in but Steve did say that they were always open for birds.
  2. / gillian oliver
    Steve was a great help when I took my two fledgling white doves to him. showed me how to feed them and gave me some food and syringes to keep me going until I got some food myself. Thanks steve
  3. / Karen
    Just dropped off a fledgling blackbird with Steve - what a wonderful person he is (and of course, his team of helpers). The poor blackbird had been attacked by a magpie. Steve kept the bird warm and gave it the necessary treatment. So glad I found this website, as I didn't have a clue how to give the little bird the best care. Thank goodness there are people out there who are dedicated to caring for wildlife like this.
  4. / Pat
    These amazing people have just taken a sparrow baby that we found had fallen from a nest in the eaves, which we couldn't access. Now he is warm in a new nest with every chance of survival. Many thanks.
  5. / Genessa
    We took a young blackbird fledgling with no feathers but open eyes in this morning. It must have fallen from the nest straight into the mouth of my cat. He'd literally just gone out when I heard the parents alarm calls. I put it in a shoe box and left it in the dark for half an hour. As it was still alive I rang Raven Haven and Alex told me to bring it in. My husband drove us from West London. I left it with Alex who fed it and it swallowed. She put antiseptic cream on its wounds and it will receive antibiotics because the cat had punctured its skin. It now has a chance! We called it Sam and if it grows up we can collect it and release it at home. Apparently its family will recognise it!! Raven Haven's doing a wonderful job. I recommend that anyone who can get an injured bird to them act quickly and just get in the car! THANK YOU ALL AT RAVEN HAVEN
  6. / Judie Bidwell
    Thanks for taking our squab Bertie in today. Your help was invaluable and it's a great relief to know that Bertie is no being given all the care he needs. Richard and Judie

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