Directory Listing: The Retreat Animal Rescue provides free advice on humane, holistic pest control methods

Directory Listing: The Retreat Animal Rescue

Listing Status Live (Last Modified Mar 18, 2018 @ 14:08)
Location Brickyard Farm, Ashford Road, High Halden, Kent TN26 3LJ
Species Helped All wildlife. Pigeon and rodent friendly.
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Contact Information for The Retreat Animal Rescue

Phone Number 01233 851015, 07720 495238 or 07941 435829
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NB: Do NOT email for help with a casualty as emails may not be checked very often provides a directory of individuals and organisations in the UK who can assist with wildlife casualties. You are viewing the directory entry for The Retreat Animal Rescue. Please note – a listing on this site is not an endorsement. You are strongly advised to check the policies of each listing before surrendering an animal to them, especially if it is of a species some might misguidedly consider “vermin” eg pigeon, squirrel, mouse or rat.

Comments ( 3 )

  1. / Jane Summerfield
    It is hard to put into words my debt to these wonderful people. At a time when I was being bullied by the council and my neighbours to get rid of my beautiful rescued pigeons, no-one would give them a home. All the organisations said they didn't help pigeons -then by the grace of God, or the God of pigeons (I am not sure which!!) I found Billy. Quite frankly he and his helpers are saints in my eyes they didn't turn my beloved pigeons away and from all I see they never turn anything away. When others rescue centres are 'full' they always make room and love in their hearts for another little soul. I know my pidgies are safe and that I can visit them and take them treats. I also want to thank Billy and his helpers for dismantling my aviary and bringing me 4 wonderful old cats to love. To be honest the 5 stars are not enough for these wonderful people. It needs to be at least 10. All my love always to the wonderful, wonderful people at The Retreat. You are an inspiration.
  2. / Sarah
    Thank you to the Retreat for taking on our three pigeons. It's clear that this charity is run by extremely dedicated people who care for ALL species without prejudice.
  3. / Annie
    Just dropped off a baby blackbird that only has one tail feather and cannot fly. Was told it will do well and will be released so really pleased. Lovely place lots of animals..keep up the good work. Annie from Ashford.

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