Directory Listing: Oggles Hedgehog Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre provides advice on what to do if you find a sick, injured or abandoned wild bird or animal

Directory Listing: Oggles Hedgehog Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre

Listing StatusLive (Last Modified Nov 25, 2017 @ 17:00)
LocationScarr End Lane, Dewsbury, WF13 4NY
Species HelpedHedgehogs
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Contact Information for Oggles Hedgehog Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre

Phone Number07954 138853

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Comments ( 5 )

  1. /Lindsey Gomersall
    I contacted Oggles when I found one of the hedgehogs who visit my garden out during the day. Vicky arrived to collect the hedgehog very quickly, took her home and ensured she received all the medication she needed. Excellent rescue service.
  2. /Sharon
    I found a little hedgehog after ringing around, Vicky contacted me and told me she would be round in half an hour. It was a dark, rainy awful night but she arrived after driving over half an hour. One of our earth angles i am sure. Excellent service, excellent people.
  3. /Gemma
    Found a small hedgehog covered in flies in the garden. Put it in a box in the shed and by 6pm he was in the safe hands of vicky! Glad there are still some decent people around
  4. /Louise/andrew
    Rang goggles and they came in no time at all to pick up hedgehog who had been roaming around garden thks teatime. Very quick service so no Mrs/ Mr tiggleywinckles has been rescues. Well done for such a prompt service.
  5. /Jim & Kim
    Contacted Vicky as we found a very young hedgehog roaming the streets close to winter, and she gladly took her in to get her through the winter. I'd definitely recommend Oggles as a rescue centre - Vicky was recommended to us from another rescuer as someone who had much more knowledge and experience. Keep up the good work!

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