Directory Listing: Rochdale Hedgehog Rescue is a charity run advice website which is part of the Starlight Trust

Directory Listing: Rochdale Hedgehog Rescue

Listing Status Live (Last Modified May 23, 2018 @ 14:19)
Location 10 Fallowfield Drive, Rochdale, OL12 6LZ
Species Helped Hedgehogs
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Phone Number 01706 860904
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  1. / adele
    Found a little hedgehog on a busy main road in broad daylight. Phoned rochdale hedgehog rescue and they offered to take him from me. I was welcomed to their home with my orphan, into a very busy, clean little sanctuary. Very helpful and lovely committed people. A pleasure to meet. Many thanks, keep up the good work.
  2. / Steph
    Me and my daughter just found a baby hedgehog in daylight, being followed by 2 flies. Picked up baby hedgehog and its got fly eggs on it, we took it home and contacted Rochdale Hedgehog Rescue, left a message. . received a call back within 10mins from a lady called Sue, she gave me the nearest place to take it to which was Feniscoles. Got it to a man called Peter within half an hour. He was a great help, said it was about 6weeks old and probably been out with its mum. Me and my daughter had got a lot of the eggs I know they hatch into maggots within 24hrs, however Peter found some on its ears and a few still left in so he said he would get the rest out with tweezers, and any that hatch into maggots he will treat and kill. Baby will then go to Rochdale for VIP treatment till its weight is up and healthy enough to go back to the wild. Good luck to that beautiful baby hedgehog, and many thanks to these wonderful, caring people!!
  3. / hog lover
    Also found a baby hedgehog mooching around my garden today at 4-pm - followed in close pursuit by a nasty bluebottle eager to lay more eggs. Spoke to Rochdale rescue centre and within minutes got a call from a lovely couple a little more local to me who agreed to meet me to pick Flystrike baby hog up. I looked after a baby hog for 6 months over winter and let me tell you its hard (but rewarding) work so I have every respect for these committed rescuers that look after so many - up to 400 Im told. Its a good job we still have such caring folk in the world like these guys! Im keen to see how the little hog gets on after some TLC at the sanctuary so will phone in a few days. Also going to check the rest of the brood shortly when they come out for a feed of mealworms - hopefully they will be fly eggs free but need to check. Thank you so much for your committed help today and please let me know if you need any help at any time.x
  4. / Jean stevenson
    After having taken a small young hedgehog in the early freezing hours of a December night , we fed the little critter for a day and rang a regional rescue centre to which we were just given an answer phone message 'take to vet'. Being worried that the hedgehog may be Ill as well as small I rang Rochdale who were so helpful i was so relieved ! I even was given the name of someone local (just around the corner in fact ! ) to take it to and they would take it to Rochdale for me . I have no doubt how commited these people are and I trust that that hedgehog will be given the best chance of survival through them
  5. / Peter Wareing
    Once again had to call Sue at Hedgehog rescue in Rochdale. I called in May 2015 with a Hog I found in my garden during daylight hours, Sue checked it over and wormed her, I was able to bring her home as she checked out OK. I have just called Sue again (Aug 2015) because we have just found a baby hedgehog running across the road in daylight, it weighed in at 2.3 Kg, Sue admitted the little girl Hedgehog and she will be built up and released when the time is right. I admire the Rochdale hedgehog charity for the work they do and the dedication to all the different animals they get in there. Well done to you all, and a big thank you from all the animals you have helped

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