Hull Hedgehog Hospital (Removed) provides free advice on humane, holistic pest control methods

Hull Hedgehog Hospital (Removed)

Listing StatusRemoved (rescue has closed) (Last Modified [last-modified])

For alternatives in the same area please see other rescues in East Yorkshire or put your postcode into our map. provides a directory of individuals and organisations in the UK who can assist with wildlife casualties. You are viewing the directory entry for Hull Hedgehog Hospital which is no longer live. If you have any information to suggest this listing should be reinstated please leave a comment below.

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  1. /Kirsty Pettit
    Very helpful, I wasn't sure if ten o'clock at night was too late to ring but they answered straight away and were happy to take our lost little hedgehog as it kept running onto roads. The lady was very caring and took the creature straight to a warm comfy bed. Thank you.
  2. /Denise Redpath
    What a kind lady! I rang because i saw a baby hedgehog nearby covered in fly eggs and maggotts - urrgh! I rang on a Sunday and the lady wanted it in straight away to have a look - poor thing had them in its eyes and ears - said it would take a good couple of hours to clean up - good job we have people like this lady around because i wouldnt have known where to start! hopefully he/she will recover!
  3. /Luke
    Whilst Hull Hedgehog Hospital is part of the Hull Animal Welfare Trust, it is not based at the Trusts centre in South Cave. The Hedgehog Hospital is based at Lorraine's home off Anlaby Road, Hull. (This is all stated on the Hull Animal Welfare website) Can the details be updated please.
    • /HelpWildlife
      Thanks for the tip, Luke. I have updated the listing accordingly.
  4. /lynette
    Rang Lorraine about the small hedgehog in my garden I've been feeding for 2\3 wks .. found him hardly moving at teatime sat on an ants nest poor thing was over run with them we had to pick him up in a towel and remove him from the danger..Lorraine gave me some advice.. And asked for him to be sent to her in a taxi which she paid for.. What a truly lovely, kind lady.. Well done.. And thank u for what you do.
  5. /Margo
    I have an hedgehog in our garden which I have been feeding for about 10 days. I have made him/her a feeding station from a large plastic box with a 4 inch in diameterRound hole for him/her to get in and out. I contacted Lorraine who advised me to put some newspaper on the bottom and some staw at one end. she told me not to feedit with anything containing fish. She said cat foot and cat biscuits are better. I found this lady very helpful, I would like another one to keep Henry company..
    • /HelpWildlife
      Hi MargoFantastic news that you have a visitor and thank you for going to so much trouble to make sure he has regular food. Hedgehogs are actually largely solitary creatures, only really coming together to breed, so I wouldn't worry about getting Henry company. You may well find word spreads about your feeding station and others come by to take advantage of it anyway.

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