Get Involved provides a directory of around 400 wildlife rescues in the UK who can help with wildlife casualties is a charity-run site aiming to provide advice to members of the public who find wildlife casualties, help casualty finders to locate a wildlife rescue in their area, and provide advice on humane, holistic methods of wildlife management.

We’re a very small organisation and we welcome involvement from anyone who shares our passion for making sure our wildlife gets help and fair treatment. If you have any ideas about how this site can do more to help wildlife and the people who care for it, or can help in any of the ways listed below, please Email Us.

If you are a rescue, independent rescuer or wildlife-friendly vet

Find out how you can get involved here –

If you are comfortable with technology

We’re always in need of volunteers to help check our listings are correct and search for missing rescues to add. It’s not necessarily very exciting work but it is absolutely vital in helping to get casualties to rescue ASAP.

Or, if you have knowledge and experience in managing (not just updating) websites, especially WordPress, we would really appreciate your help in running and improving the site. To be honest, we have no training in all this and we’re winging it! Anything is appreciated – one-off projects, regular maintenance….whatever you can spare.

If you want to provide practical help to animals

We don’t have hands-on roles available but you can use our map to find a wildlife rescue in your area and get in touch with them to offer your help.