Willow Wildlife Rescue

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Willow Wildlife Rescue

Location Chislehurst
Species Helped
Website willowwildlife.co.uk
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Phone Number 07956 472284
Email Address N/A
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Comments ( 4 )

  1. / ReplyL Roberts
    A very kind helpful, gentleman came out to me and picked up an injured fox. He cared for it and once better, he gave me a call to watch it be released back into it's home environment. He can also give meds to treat any fox with mange in your area. He also came out as I found a fox caught in an inhumane trap. Very knowledgeable caring and kind to animals.
  2. / ReplyMarie
    I found these very kind and knowledgeable people to be very helpful. I contacted them because I had found an injured sparrow in my garden. Although, not their normal domaine, they agreed to take him. They rang me to say he was Ok, and bought him back and set him free in my garden. Their obvious love of animals shines thro, they seemed to be very dedicated people. Bring it on, we need more people like this.
  3. / ReplySheila
    Eddie came out late at night to rescue an eagle that was caught in a very high tree, with very thin branches. Nothing could be done at that time of night, and early the next morning, true to his word, Eddie was back determined to get the bird down. Along with Chris from Eagle Heights, a perfect ending followed, (after sawing of a few branches) and the bird returned to it's owners. WELL DONE EDDIE. It also turned out that Eddie & Pat had captured, treated and returned our local fox, which many of our neighbours feed regularly, and it is also doing really well. True animal lovers, and great people. Thank you so much. Hope many donations come your way, to help continue your fantastic work. God Bless/
  4. / ReplyLinda
    I rang Willow when I found an injured goose - Willow is closing down - they state the ambulance is off the road, to be sold. They now only deal with hedgehogs (but Eddie said they do take small creatures delivered to their door). What a loss.

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