Search the map is a charity run advice website which is part of the Starlight Trust

Simply enter your town or postcode below to show wildlife rescues in your vicinity. Marker listings are approximate so we recommend you choose a 25 mile radius to search. The markers give some indication of the species each rescue can handle – those specialising in one of two species will have an icon depicting that species, blue circles denote rescues which deal with several species and green stars those which deal with all or most wildlife. Click on the marker and then the ‘full details’ link in the pop up window to see full contact info.

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If you don’t find a suitable rescue using the map, we recommend you also check the regional listings. Markers are placed according to where an organisation is based but some operate nationally which will be reflected in our listings. If you get stuck, please visit our help page for assistance.

We are hugely grateful to the following for their support in providing this directory and map: –

Nick at WP Google Maps for providing the pro version of their plugin to us free of charge to enable the display of our directory in searchable map format. for providing access to their web database builder at a discounted rate. Their fantastic tool makes the process of managing the database of wildlife rescues and changes to their information far less labour intensive.